Belle De Jour 2015 Power Planner

I got my first BDJ Planner 2 years ago, my BDJ Power Planner 2012, as a gift from my sister. I must admit, I got excited with the coupons; but since I’m no shopaholic at that time, I was able to use just a few. I loved my first BDJ as I became more organized and noted with the coming events. I love the theme of the planner and the feeling “Im-writing-in-a-diary” than just plain planner.
Last month, I received an email that I got 5% OFF since I was able to complete the survey last April 2014 + Free FMN Notepads because I’m one of the first 500 to complete the survey! That’s not all! It was noted that on top of my 5% OFF, I can use the 10% OFF for early bird promo if I’ll buy my planner before November ends… and that’s a total of 15% OFF!!
So, as a compulsive shopper… yes! I ordered my BDJ Planner, ASAP!
Prices of BDJ Planners are as follows:
1. Belle De Jour Power Planner (Spiral; Not Customized) – P598.00
2. Exclusive Gray Leather BDJ Planner (Not customized) – P680.00
3. Customized BDJ Power Planner (Regular or Limited Edition Cover + customized with name) – P698.00
What’s inside my BDJ planner that is worth the price?
A lot.
From a very organized daily to monthly planner, lifestyle card, discount coupons, health tracker, cash flow tracker, bills tracker, and a lot moreeeeee…

This is one of the “mainstream” of BDJ Planner. Before, this card was just used to be able to join or attend BDJ-hosted parties and events. But, starting on this 2015 planner… it won’t be just an event pass, but it can be used to avail discounts with BDJ affiliated brands all year long.

This card discounts are different from the discount coupons included in the planner. Discounts like 10% off on cash and 5% off on card purchases at Strip-Ministry of Waxing, Browhaus, Goody, Cupcakes by Sonja and a lot more discount offers from their affiliated brands.

By the way, BDJ Lifestyle card is connected to ZAP so you can earn points and more rewards

This is the Monthly layout wherein you can note and even put stickers to each day 🙂

This is the daily layout, where in I can note specific events or tasks within the day from 8am to 8pm. I find this area very helpful for me… since I schedule my patients from different time of the day.

More pictures of a few pages of BDJ Planner 2015

Goals and Happiness List 🙂
Menstrual Tracker… although I prefer my mobile app, this is still helpful for future references 🙂
This is definitely a useful page for me! Travel Must Haves!! Excited to fill those blanks and get ready for my next trip 🙂
Gifts tracker page which is helpful next Christmas… so I won’t forget anyone again and rush for gift shopping!
Cash flow trackeeeeeeeer !! $$$
An Emergency Information page with emergency hotlines is perfect!
What more is exciting than the discount coupons included in BDJ Planner! This is a total of 72 coupons! Yay!

Lastly, BDJ planner is equipped with a small pocket sleeve at the back… perfect for notes, pictures, or just anything you need to put in your planner. 🙂

Overall, I love my BDJ Planner and will continue to have my BDJ Planner yearly. It’s worth the price if you’re a planner-addict and  shopaholic at the same time.
If you’ll like to order… you can check (especially if you want a customized planner with your name) or National Bookstore branches 🙂
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