Product Review: Rimmel London Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint Swatches

I usually don’t use cheek tints or blush due to my skin being reddish most of the time. What do you expect someone living a tropical country? And having it in our genes… redness of my face is way darker than any blush I have! Kidding aside, when I use blushers… I stick to light shade and in powder. TAKE NOTE: “POWDER”
I stick to powder blushers for the reason I don’t want to look like a pan of oil ready to cook a sunny side up egg. So I’m not into creams and tints (except for my love for Benetint). But Rimmel London had been very impressive with their Stay Matte product line. I’ve been using their primer and powder for quite some time and I’m very impressed!


So I’m thinking this cheek tints may not be that oil-based as I’ve read that their Stay Matte product line are all water base and oil-free. Rimmel London Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint is available in 5 colors: Pop of Pink, Touch of Berry, Peach Flush, Sunkissed Cherry and Apricot Glow. I was able to get all four except for Apricot Glow which is out of stock the time I ordered it.

Swatches from L-R: Pop of Pink, Touch of Berry, Peach Flush, Sunkissed Cherry


Texture and Consistency:
I must say this isn’t your typical tint such as Benetint. It’s more likely a texture between cream and mousse. It’s easy to apply and even easy to blend. Common problem with cream-type and liquid-type blush is the blending and setting time as some leave marks as it dries up due to inability to blend it well. Well, for Rimmel London Stay Blushed Tint, it’s not a problem at all… you’ve got to blend it well before it sets leaving no mark at all. And it also dries up as matte and not sticky at all.

Pigmentation is good! A little goes along the way. I was able to use a pea size for one cheek. You can apply a little bit for a more natural look or apply more product for bolder look.

Staying Power: 
I’ve had this blush from morning to evening without retouching. It stays pretty much longer though you expect to see it became lighter through time due to sweat, moisture, etc.

This product smells wonderful! It’s clean and fresh with a bit of citrus, a bit of floral but not too much. Smells much like any typical body lotion.

Price and size:
U.S. SRP for this is $2.99. It’s selling price in the Philippines ranges from 250-350php. Size is 14mL and as small as those trial packs of eye primer, moisturizer and others given in beauty stores. But then, you’ll only need a pea-size for each use and for me price is worth the size.


I love it so much I have hoarded all 4 shades. It’s a blush-to-go and can be your everyday blush buddy. It looks natural and I love the fact that it’s not oily, sticky or heavy. It’s very light and easy to apply and blend.


Well, if you’re a Philippine resident you can place a preorder in my shop Khei Shop Philippines ( for only P250.00. Not sure if this is available at local drugstores or beauty stores already 🙂
Do you own one already? If so, I would absolutely love to know  how they’re working for you?
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