Clean is the new Sexy!

What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?”

  1. Exfoliate – I try to control myself from limiting body scrubs to once or twice a week. I’m a scrub addict and I know how bad it is to exfoliate more than twice a week.
  2. So aside from exfoliating… I’ve recently added a new “twice a week to do” to my weekly routine… Using Betadine Feminine Wash.

Yes! You read it right… BETADINE. Not for your wounds, and not even a mouthwash; but a feminine wash to keep me feel clean and sexy!


What makes Betadine Feminine Wash make it distinct from other feminine wash available in the market?
– Betadine Feminine Wash is a 7.5% povidone-iodine-based medicated wash that kills fungi, bacteria and protozoa that causes itchiness, discomfort and odour.

As said at their product launch, “Lactic acid tries to simulate the normal vaginal pH level, whereas povidone iodine, which is also used for wounds, is more for anti-infection,” said Edwin Albert Valles, Mundipharma consumer marketing manager. “That’s why we’ve focused on providing women with a product that’s really for their ‘red’ days.”

(Read more of their Press Release here:

The Verdict: 

I love betadine feminine wash as it makes me feel fresh despite the humid weather in the Philippines. You may think that the odor of the product would be weird… but really this product has its own scent! Yes there’s still the usual scent of povidone iodine with a touch of floral scent and it actually smells good for me and refreshing. Although this product was recommended twice a week only, you can use this everyday during your period. It was then my OB told me to use this product to relieve allergies caused by sanitary pads (I know right!!! Allergies from ANYYY sanitary pad), especially during my prolonged menstrual period due to hormonal imbalance. That’s why whenever I have my period on, and my allergies… Betadine Feminine Wash is always to the rescue to relieve itchiness and really make the allergies disappear.

Buy yours now at any supermarket or pharmacy near you and join the #SexyCleanRevolution

“Clean is the New Sexy!” with Betadine Feminine Wash ❤️

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