Product Review: #OlayOneWashWonder Whitening Soap

It’s been more than 3 weeks already when I received a sample of the newest Olay product, OLAY Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk and is almost a tiny bar already. I received it from Belle De Jour which aims to have make us #BellaBeautiful! Just a little info about this soap bar:


Brand: OLAY
Product: All-New Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk
Other Variants: Papaya, Vitamin C
92php/90g x 3
Where to buy?: Major retailers nationwide (Supermarkets, Watson’s etc)

  • It is said to be specially designed with a Triple Whitening System
  • Rose extract is made from Egyptian Rosa Caninaflower petals
  • 8/10 women believe that this soap whitens skin from first use
  • It gently exfoliates your skin and wash away dead skin cells
  • It evens out skin tone to make it clean and clear

The packaging was so girly and bright-looking. I remember the old packaging of other Olay soap bars to be a bit dark and mystique, but this time it’s more feminine and modish.

Upon opening the box, I instantly wanted to take a shower and use it. It smells like rose petals and I love that it isn’t that strong nor too sweet. I tried it the next day and was very amazed with it. This soap is like any other glycerin-based soap that gives off a creamy lather rather than a thick bubbly lather.

My #OneWashWonder Experience:
After using it for weeks already, I honestly haven’t noticed any significant changes on my skin tone. I’m aware that I won’tbecame Fair or Golden Fair complexion from Medium/Light complexion in an instant.  However, my skin does even out especially in my thigh part since I had tan lines due to previous vacation. I also loved how my skin feels smoother and softer after using it. And that the scent of the soap stays all day even after a sweaty day. It surely does great job in moisturizing the skin.

Will I buy again? DEFINITELY!! And I already did!


Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.01.12 PM



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