Olay’s #OneWashWonder Skin Whitening Bar Soaps

All the ladies up there, even me, for sure wanted to have that fair skin – the painless way! Most of the available whitening soaps in the market often made it users experience tingling and stinging sensation giving off a placebo effect. I, too, have tried any skin care to lighten tan lines whenever I get too exposed to sun… I wear wristwatch all the time and so my problem, as always, is a tan mark in my wrist. I get too lazy to apply sunblock most of the time and you know how hot it is here in PH.

So a few weeks ago, I received these soaps from SampleRoomPH: Olay Whitening Bars in Rose & Milk, Vitamin C and Papaya. Olay Whitening Bar promises to moisturize and lighten skin instantly after first use.


p style=”text-align:center;”>Product: Olay Whitening Bar
Variants: (1) Rose & Milk, (2) Vitamin C, (3) Papaya
60g = Php 34.00
90g = Php 46.00


The Verdict:

At first use, I honestly didn’t notice any significant change with my skin tone. But after weeks of using this soap, I can really see that my skin lightened! My tan lines in my thighs, which I get from swimming exercise every other day, lightened and was actually fair already… although I still get to have tan lines after my swimming routine. Good thing is that I don’t have to deal with it for weeks or get it even darker. This soap is like any other glycerin-based soap that gives off a creamy lather rather than a thick bubbly lather. I love how moisturized my skin is all-day! Its scent makes me want to take a shower every minute… especially the Rose & Milk variant, which smells like a flower petals. While the Vitamin C variant smells so refreshing and cool and the Papaya variant smelled like any other papaya soap. With these soaps, I’m always looking forward to shower time.


All in all, I love these new Olay soaps that keeps me squeaky clean and yet moisturized and fresh all day!5


So, what are your thoughts? Have you tried any of these new soaps too? What is your favorite variant?

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