Product Review: KB Skin 15-minute Beauty Challenge

Last April, I started trying out products from KB Skin. If you have seen my IG story, I received it end of April and just blogging about it after a month of using it.

If you’re like me who’s so busy to go to a derma center and is currently experiencing dry, flaky skin due to humid days (and yes being busy makes me lazy to take care of my skin), this beauty regimen will be perfect for you!

Here’s what I got from KB:

  1. KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion (Php1,800)
  2. KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel (Php1,500)
  3. KB Gold Premium Soap (Php475.00)

Just a little background of the products before the regimen:

KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel

According to KB’s website, it is the best solution for dry face skin and the dark circles under the eyes. It has a powerful combination of Vitamin C, Betain, natural Cellulose, and natural herb effective ingredient and Nano technology application that helps improve dryness of the facial skin, low elasticity, and dark skin tone. The product smells like sliced oranges! Very refreshing!

Take note that the face won’t peel for several days after using this product. It just enhances micropeeling while using the product but I didn’t experience peeling of my face.

KB Premium Whitening Lotion

This lotion is known to moisten up the skin by providing nutrients that the skin becomes smooth and seamless. I love that this product can be used on face and body. Take note, it’s not even sticky when applied to the face because the product is water-based.

KB Gold Premium Soap

I first heard of KB Gold Premium Soap around 2010 as being the most expensive soap in the Philippines for Php475.00. I haven’t tried it before as I thought it was just a hype… not until I was able to try it for a month.

KB Premium Soap is composed of 5 highest quality ingredients for skin whitening, moisturizing and anti aging. Also, it has a very perfume-y & refreshing scent. KB Gold Premium Soap claims to have the highest quality of Alpha-Arbutin that lightens skin. It also contains Hyaluronic acid (anti-aging), Kojic Acid (lightens skin), Collagen (anti-aging), and Soybean extract (Vitamin E).

Now let’s move on to the 15-minute beauty challenge or beauty regimen with these products.

15-minute beauty regimen with KB Premium Set

KB Premium set is all you need to achieve that smooth, supple skin again. Here’s a step-by-step guideline on how to use the KB Premium Set.

And since I’ve been travelling a lot and spending most of the time under the sun, I use KB Premium Set not only to my face but to my whole body too!

The Verdict:

  • I enjoyed using it because it makes my skin smooth and moisturized after spending a day in the beach. Plus, it gives me the citrus-y scent na pang-mayaman! Haha! Scent is nice but not overpowering.
  • There’s no stingy or tingling sensation within 1 month of usage.
  • My face didn’t in any way peel (no micropeeling or severe peeling).
  • Soap is so “tipid”!! I’ve been using it for a month already and I still have half of my soap’s size.
  • KB Premium Whitening Lotion is not sticky at all but doesn’t have a sunscreen capability so be sure to wear a sunblock on top of it.

Have you tried any products from KB Skin too? Or let me know what you think of this brand by dropping comments below!

See you on my next blog post!

KB Skin Whitening Brand

Disclaimer: Products and/or services were given for free by the company as contacted by the company’s PR or ad management. Anything written above is based on my experience and in no way altered due to the fact it was given for free.

10 thoughts on “Product Review: KB Skin 15-minute Beauty Challenge

  1. jayresa03 says:

    Yes. That’s really expensive for a soap. I don’t think I would purchase that instinctively. But given you’re positive thoughts, I think it’s worth a try!

  2. Gel Jose says:

    Yes, being busy sometimes makes you neglect proper skincare which makes an easy and convenient skin care regimen all the more important.

  3. Christian Foremost says:

    Quite pricey, but seems to be worth it naman. Good investment for a clear and radiant skin!!

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