Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on repairing damaged teeth to restore both their function and appearance. It includes various treatments such as dental fillings, crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

At The Sassy Dentist, we take it a step further by using biocompatible and biomimetic techniques. This means we focus on treatments that not only restore your teeth but also consider your overall health and the natural look and feel of your teeth.

Tooth Filling OR “PASTA”

Tooth fillings are a crucial part of restorative dentistry. They’re like tiny superheroes that come to the rescue when your tooth is damaged by decay or trauma. These fillings do more than just plug up the hole; they restore the strength and function of your tooth, preventing further problems.

At The Sassy Dentist, we use advanced composite fillings. They not only blend seamlessly with your natural teeth but also provide excellent durability. Whether you have a cavity or a tooth that needs repair, our composite fillings are designed to restore your smile with precision and care. Don’t wait until a small issue becomes a big one. Let’s keep your teeth strong and healthy together!

how it’s done?
big tooth decay?

At The Sassy Dentist, we understand the importance of precision when it comes to restoring your teeth. That’s why we offer inlays and onlays, two versatile options in restorative dentistry.

These custom-crafted restorations are designed to preserve your natural tooth structure while providing durability and a seamless appearance. This approach stands in stark contrast to traditional crowns, which often require significant reduction of the tooth’s structure.

  • Inlays are used to repair smaller areas of tooth decay or damage.
  • They are typically placed within the grooves of the tooth.
  • Inlays are suitable when the tooth’s cusps are not significantly affected.
  • Onlays are used for larger areas of tooth damage or decay.
  • They extend over one or more cusps of the tooth.
  • Onlays are ideal when the tooth’s cusps are significantly damaged.

Dental crowns are typically needed when a tooth has extensive damage, a large filling, or has undergone a root canal. We offer a variety of crown types, including advanced options like Ceramage, Emax, and porcelain fused to metal. These crowns provide the strength, durability, and aesthetics necessary to keep your smile shining

Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about the differences between these crown types and discover which one is the perfect fit for you.