Belle de Jour Power Planner 2020 – Have a look inside!

I have been a Bella, user of BDJ Planner, since 2012 when I got it as a gift from my sister —more like it’s my wishlish that year! Since then, I look forward to having my BDJ Power Planner when the Ber months arrive.

Here’s my blog about the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2019 — Click here!

Not in the photo are my 2014 & 2019 BDJ PlNNNWE

I usually get the limited edition or the leather one for my previous planners, but this year I gave the discbound a try! 2020 is my eight planner from BDJ and I love it more than any other planner out there!

Here are 8 reasons why I love BDJ Planner + have a peep of the pages!

1. I love the yearly checklist page! It makes me try new things, one at a time!

2. GOALS PAGE —This is my go to page at the end of each year. I prepare my goals for the coming year by writing it down. Yes, I’ve been writing my goals since I was kid and when I found out BDJ Planners has this page, I instantly fell in love with the planner!! My life mantra is “make your dreams into GOALS”!

3. Activity Pages (i.e. IKIGAI, Attract your Spotlight, Appreciate your Axis, Mood Tracker, and Align with the Cosmos) make me reflect more, keep the positivity in life, and discover more about myself.

4. Monthly activity. Each month starts with a different activity to look forward!

5. Monthly & Weekly Pages. I love how I can see a week of schedule in one glance with a 12-hour bullet per day. This part is very helpful for me in planning my patient’s schedule!

6. Of course, the coupons and the perks!! I love the brands included in my Perks of a Bella since those are usually the brands I would pay for like Ace Water Spa, Parisian, CBTL, MOOD, Strip and a lot more! It has Php40,000 worth of vouchers which make it super sulit for its price!!! Have a look of the vouchers below.

Also, another Perks of a Bella is that I can attend events hosted by BDJ and get to meet other Bellas!

7. Other pages like Menstrual Tracker, Bills Tracker, and Cash Flow Tracker. TBH, these are the unused pages of my planner since I still prefer my mobile apps for these. But still so nice of BDJ to have these pages.

8. I now prefer to have my BDJ Planner in Discbound! Just because I can rearrange pages, add more pages, or maybe remove some that I don’t use usually to keep it lightweight.

My thoughts?

A lot were disappointed on how light the print looks on BDJ Planner 2020. My take on this? Yes, it’s a bit lighter as compared to the previous years. Lighter but still colorful and I think a more “matured” planner! The colors may not be poppin, but it gives you the watercolor theme which is artsy! Also, BDJ said the design was meant for those who design their planners heavily, thus the thin light lines.

I feel like BDJ is growing with me. I started to have my planner in my High School years and I loved it for being so colorful. Through the years the design became suitable for a college student and now that I’m looking forward to becoming a dentist… I somewhat felt that the 2020 planner is now for grown-up ladies!! (I hope I make sense there! Hahaha)

I honestly still love my BDJ Planner despite the muted colors because there’s no other planner that gives me the positivity in life other than the BDJ Power Planner. I love how each page has quotes, tips, or messages about life positivity and life goals!

You may purchase the Belle De Jour Power Planner in bookstores nationwide (Fullybooked, NBS) and at their website (

Feel free to ask questions about BDJ Planner by leaving comments below! Let me know what you think of the planner too! 💋

2 responses to “Belle de Jour Power Planner 2020 – Have a look inside!”

  1. Anne MArie Jacusalem Mendoza Avatar
    Anne MArie Jacusalem Mendoza

    Ang cute po ng mga planner. Maganda po tlga pag may planner para hindi makalimutan ang mga events. Ako po sa notebook lang po nagsusulat😊

  2. Abigail Alfaro Avatar
    Abigail Alfaro

    yehey! nice blog post about the BDJ planner 🙂

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