Pediatric Dentistry, or children’s dentistry, is a specialized field of dentistry focused on the oral health and dental care of children, from infancy through adolescence. The primary goal of pediatric dentistry is to promote good oral hygiene habits from a young age and prevent dental problems before they start.

We believe that early dental care and education are essential to maintaining a child’s oral health, and we’re dedicated to helping your child develop healthy oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

what to expect during your

When you bring your child to The Sassy Dentist, you can expect a warm and friendly environment that’s designed to put them at ease. We start each visit with a fun get-to-know session. Your child will spend a few minutes in the dental chair, getting familiar with the equipment and surroundings.

For their first appointment, we typically recommend a checkup, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. This initial visit helps us assess their oral health and formulate a personalized treatment plan. Any additional procedures that may be needed will be discussed and scheduled for their next visit, ensuring a smooth and stress-free dental journey for your child.

We believe in positive reinforcement, so after each appointment, your child will receive a reward. This encourages cooperation and helps them associate their dental visits with positivity.

dental cleaning
“shield gel for teeth”

Our fluoride therapy, or as we call “shield gel for teeth,” is a crucial aspect of pediatric dental care at The Sassy Dentist. We apply fluoride varnish to your child’s teeth as part of our preventive approach.

This treatment is highly recommended, especially for kids at high risk of developing cavities, and we typically schedule it every 3-4 months. Fluoride varnish forms a protective layer on their teeth, making them more resilient against the acids produced by harmful bacteria. It’s like armor for their little smiles.

By strengthening tooth enamel, preventing cavities, and even remineralizing early spots of decay, fluoride therapy ensures your child’s oral health stays on the right track.

Shielding Young Smiles
Protecting Young Smiles

At The Sassy Dentist, we understand the importance of preserving your child’s precious smile. That’s why we offer glass ionomer fillings, a gentle and effective solution for young teeth.

These tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend seamlessly with your child’s natural teeth. Not only do they restore the integrity of the tooth, but they also release fluoride, adding an extra layer of protection.

These fillings are not only highly effective in preventing cavities but are also easier to apply than traditional composite fillings. Unlike composite fillings that require a completely dry environment, Fuji VII can be applied in slightly moist conditions, making it more manageable during pediatric treatments.

Restoring Your Child’s front teeth

Our strip crowns offer more than just a beautiful smile; they restore your child’s dental health, confidence, and functionality.

When it comes to front teeth, it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about building your child’s confidence, ensuring they can smile, eat, and speak comfortably. Our strip crowns provide strong protection while maintaining a natural look, giving your child the freedom to express themselves without hesitation.

Ensuring Proper Tooth Alignment

Maintaining proper spacing in your child’s mouth is crucial for their future dental health. When a primary tooth is lost prematurely, it can lead to alignment issues.

That’s where our space maintainers come in. These devices help “hold the fort” in the empty space, ensuring there’s enough room for the permanent teeth to come in correctly.

We customize space maintainers to fit your child’s unique needs, providing them with the best foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles and confidence!

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