Regular dental check-ups (every 6 months) are important not only for preventing dental problems but also for catching and treating potential issues before they become serious, ensuring a healthy and confident smile.

These check-ups also allow your dentist to provide personalized oral care advice, ensuring that you maintain good dental hygiene habits and a bright smile throughout your life.


Regular check-ups catch tooth decay early, preventing extensive and costly treatments like extractions or RCT.


Routine check-ups spot gum disease early, preventing bone loss and tooth loss, ensuring the longevity of your smile.

Overall Health Awareness

Dental check-ups can reveal signs of underlying medical issues, emphasizing the connection between oral and overall health.

infection / abcess detection

X-rays can be done to detect infections, even in the absence of symptoms, preventing potential complications.

Erosion and Other Issues

Regular check-ups can also help detect early signs of erosion, grinding, acidic wear, and other dental issues.

Personalized dental Advice

We provide tailored advice during check-ups, helping you maintain
good oral hygiene practices.

scaling & Polishing
Fluoride varnish