My July, August,and September BDJ Boxes

So since I was so happy to be receiving BDJ boxes, I will share what I got with my July, August, and September boxes. Although this post is like a #throwback post 😛 

BDJ box is P580.00 for a month, P1700.00 for 3 months, or P3300.00 for 6 months. It usually contains trial packs or sometimes the full size of the item.
So here’s my BDJ Box July 2014

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What are included in the box?
-Coppola Keratin Complex Shampoo & Conditioner (travel size; SRP: 495Php)
-Pink Sugar ‘Such A Tease’ Body Mist (Full Size; SRP: 299Php)
-Nivea 3-in-1 Exfoliating Wipes (SRP: 139Php)
-Nivea In-Shower Lotion (trial pack/sachet) (SRP for full size: 109Php)
-Nivea Black & White Deo Spray (SRP: 184Php)
-Celeteque Back Acne Spray (SRP: 320Php)
-Hygienix Hand Sanitizer (SRP: 45Php)
-Hygienix Alcohol Spray with Moisturizer (SRP: 40Php)
-Vitress Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat (SRP: 80Php)
-Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat (SRP: 75Php)
-Enchanted Shimmer Dust Eyeshadow Palette (SRP: 199Php)
-Gift Voucher from Envie Aesthiticare & Medspa for Free Diamond Peel or RF Slimming
or LipoCavitation or IPL


This box isn’t one the best boxes, but definitely worth it! The overall price of the items included in the box is more than what I paid for, which is just 580pesos. Although I’m already using more of the brands (like hygienix, vitress, nivea), I’m still impressed that BDJ box never fails to introduce their subscribers to new brands like the Coppola, which I really put on my favorite items after trying it. I just hope BDJ box will include more brands in the future. 
My most loved item/s are the Coppola Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner, that I have to buy another set after I consume what I got with the box 🙂 (I’d post a different blog post for product reviews..)
Here goes my BDJ Box August 2014.
What are included in the box?
-Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (30mL; trial size; full size SRP:3500)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine (SRP: 350)
Fan de Fendi Blossom (3 2ml sample sachets; full size SRP: 2850)
-L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque (SRP: 1095)
-L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil (SRP: 995)
-Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color Treatment (SRP: 199)
-Blo Vouchers 
This box is just a W-O-W! Since I promised not to color my hair to have my hair rest from the harsh chemicals, I gave the Garnier hair color treatment to my mom which she loved! I loved that they included the 2 newly released L’Oreal products which is available in some stores at the moment. This is definitely a hair-care box, although a lipstick and Shisheido Cream is included. This box is definitely a great deal at 580Php!
And lastly my BDJ Box September 2014
What are included in the box?
-Godiva Licowhite Whitening Facial Wash 4 sachets x 6mL (Full size SRP: 85Php)
-Godiva Facial Toner (SRP: 60Php)
-Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel 2 x 10g (Full size SRP: 150Php)
-Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner 180ml – Damage Control (SRP: 134Php)
-Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner 180ml – Dry Rescue (SRP: 134Php)
-Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin 2 packs of 6mL x 6 capsules (SRP: 75/pack)
-Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion 100mL (SRP: 88Php)
-Jergen’s Daily Moisture 200mL (SRP: 153Php)
Beach Hut Clear Spray 180mL (SRP: 390Php)
-FS Single Eyeshadow 4g (SRP: 150Php)
-FS Gel Liner 5mL (SRP: 299 Php)
-PAC Free makeover worth 1500 Php
This is surely a head-to-toe box. I love that Jergen’s products were included, as I remembered this is the old lotion we’re using when I was a younger and I almost forgot about this brand until now that I have been using it again.
All in all.. I have always loved any box I received from BDJ.. I subscribed for the reasons I get to try some brands I never heard or have never tried just to see if it works fine with me before actually buying it.
How’s your BDJ box subscription so far? Let me know your insights!
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