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I have made a line up of product reviews to post, but opt for this first… as I’m very excited to share what I’ve discovered before this week ends. Robinsons Place Las Piñas opened last October 25, which is very near in my university.

So last Friday, I decided to go there to buy some organizing stuff at Daiso Japan Center since we just started second semester last Wednesday. I asked my brother to go with me since we go to the same uni and he can drive me as well (boo! my license got expired last month).

As we arrived there, we dropped off Daiso and a few stores to shop first. We even bought cinema tickets to watch a movie, Big Hero 6, later that afternoon. Then, we came across this attractive place named Robots and Dolls – Salon for Kids and Teens and the staff gave us a brochure/leaflet and even asked me and my brother to try their services. .Waiiiiit! I know my brother is still a teen at nineteen, but ME??? Gosh! I’m 21-teen already! The place is too cute and I really wanted to go in, BUT I’m not sure if it’s okay that we’re both not kids anymore. HAHAHA!

Here’s a view from the outside.
At first, I really took a picture of this to show this to my sister and tell her to bring her son in that place for his first haircut… that was the “original plan”
Since it will be an hour before our movie schedule, we decided to indulge ourselves and feel like kids again in this cutie patootieeee salon (wishing we had this already when I was young). My brother decided to have a relaxing foot spa called “Pamper my Feet”, while I decided to have a “Mani-cute” and “Pamper my Feet” too.
This is taken by my brother while I’m waiting for Ms. Belle to start with my “mani-cute”. She told me to avoid using metal pusher in my nails, since my nails are not too dirty. Metal pushers can damage my nails and cuticle, as said by Ms Belle. So from now on, I’m requesting a wooden stick to any nail salon I’ll be going to, or might as well have my next “mani-cute” in this place again!
[LEFT] This is the “Pamper My Feet” place. Love the idea of sinks and comfy sofa.
[RIGHT] Ms. Belle scrubs my feet using an organic salt and something liquid that I forgot to ask. The scrub should be up until my knees, but that’s the farthest I can pull my skinny jeans on. Next time, I know I should wear shorter pants or just wear shorts 🙂
This is my view while having my feet pampered. Television, cutie salon chairs for kids…
+ Perfect ambiance
… made me feel like a kid again (surely kids will look forward on their haircut day!)
+ Friendly staff
+ Free use of iPads (although, I have my ipad with me… I find it a great idea for kids and I hope in adult salons too… to keep away from being bored)
+ They use organic products : from nail polishes to foot scrubs
+ Kids can enjoy having cutie mani-pedi using wooden stick instead of the usual metal nail pusher and organic cuticle soap
WHAT I DON’T LIKE OR LOVE: I’m thinking about what not to love with this place… after minutes of thinking… I think I hate that this place is REALLY FOR KIDS AND TEENS. HAHA! I just hope there’s a place like this for young adults. (or if there’s one, let me know… I might not know there is!)
Here’s the brochure I got from their staff.
You may bring your kids to these branches and surely you’ll kids will enjoy having haircut like they’ve never before!
(1) 2ND Floor, Pergola Mall, BF Homes, Sucat, Paranaque City
(2) 2ND Floor, Robinson Place, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
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Surely I’ll visit again and bring my nephew soon for his first haircut!
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