New Normal with Stud & Sassy Salon

There’s nothing like new hair to make you feel confident & beautiful! 💁🏼‍♀️✨

Since the pandemic started I was so afraid to go out and most of all go to public places like a salon. Whenever I shoot a Tiktok video, I feel conscious that my hair looked like a wig –half was dark brown/black and half was blonde.

That’s why when I knew that Stud and Sassy have strict safety protocols (and even their staff are hatid-sundo para hindi magpublic transpo), I knew I will be safe in their salon.

What hair services I had:

I often receive (and have answered) questions in my Tiktok live or IG stories asking where I had my hair coloured… well, it’s Stud and Sassy! 💁🏼‍♀️ I had my hair coloured with highlights.

I don’t know what the colour is, I just had Kelvin (the stylist) choose a colour for me. And I was so happy with it! Feel free to send them a DM on Instagram to ask the colour of my hair.

Is it really safe?

It’s been a month since I went to their salon and sila ung una kong pinuntahan after 7 months!! And so far, COVID-free pa naman ako! I really felt safe in their salon kasi everyone was wearing PPE, masks, and limited number lang ung customers. When I was there, it was just me and another customer.

And yes, you can have your hair services done in the comfort of your home. Just send them a DM 📩.

Stud and Sassy | Barber – Salon
UG Commercial 5B, Citadines Millenium Ortigas Manila
Instagram: @studandsassy

How do you like my new hair colour? Let me know in the comment section below 😍🤗

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