Product Review: Too Cool For School – Morocco Ghassoul Pack Tablet

I have been obsessed to mud or clay mask for as long as I can remember. I remember using it during my early teen years as I have seen my mom use different face masks and one of which I enjoy more are the darker masks… those black, clay-like, refreshing mud packs. So yeah, as early as 12 or 13 years old (or earlier, I think) I have been using face masks already.

When the time came that I started earning my own money from my online store, I was then in the mission of searching the perfect mud pack that will be the best for me. My target is the newest Glamglow, but it’s too much pricey for a small 1.2oz. I’m still saving for it, but it might take me more time for me to have it.

So, recently… upon checking the Too Cool For School in SM BF Branch, I have found this Morocco Ghassoul Pack Tablet. It’s included in their line for “Rules of Pore” so I’m guessing, at that time, that it’ll be perfect for me since I have open pores ever since (think I’m born just like that! errr!).

image1 (1)

It is said to be made from 100% Ghassoul collected from Atlas Mountain of Morocco.


    1. Mix 3-4 tablets into 1-2 tbsp of hot water
    2. Mix continuously until you get the creamy or paste like consistency
    3. Warm compress your face with towel or wash your face with lukewarm water to open the pores
    4. Apply the mud pack and let it dry
    5. Wash with warm water followed by cold water to close the pores


Photos below are taken after 15-20mins…

So the pictures below shows that my eyes were stretched… yeah! I can feel that it stretches my skin so much and it’s weird but I love it. It made me feel it’s massaging my face little by little, stretching every part of my face. You’ll also know it’s dry already when it started producing a lot of cracks.

image3 (1)

image4 (1)


  1. it is 100% made of morocco lava cray
  2. it said to have no chemical ingredient at all
  3. it exfoliates my skin
  4. it removes a bit of blackheads and whiteheads
  5. I feel my face had been stretched after it dries
  6. I can definitely feel there’s a change on how oily my face is
  7. I love the organic smell


  1. it is hard to mix… it’s hard to measure whether you need more water or tablets. I always end up adding more tablets and sharing the mix with someone just to consume all what I’ve mixed

PRICE: 665php/100g

It is available at all Too Cool for School Stores or at their online store:

Overall, I love this product and will still use it once a week to give my face that stretch and exfoliating it needed. I love how smooth my face is after using this.


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