Accommodation: Ace Hotel and Suites

I’ve been contemplating since the other day, whether I should write two different blogs for our experience with Ace Hotel & Suites and Ace Water Spa. Well, I decided to put it in different blog posts as to not flood one post.

Here are the links:
Ace Hotel & Suites:
Ace Water Spa:
Ace Party! KTV Lounge: (working on)
Ace Coffee Lounge Lunch Buffet:
Ace SkyHigh Bar: wasn’t able to try this one… I was feeling sick that night. My tummy felt so painful and the hotel clinic was closed.

I was browsing my Belle De Jour coupons booklet, I passed by a couple of coupons for Ace Hotel & Suites, Water Spa, Buffet, Sky High Bar, and their own Party! Party! KTV Lounge. I actually made a reservation for May 25-26, but something came up and re-booked our schedule to May 26-27. I was pleased to know they permitted my re-booking request even though it’s just a day before 26 when I called.

These are all the coupons I planned to use in our staycation at Ace Water Spa :) Courtesy by Belle De Jour ♥
These are all the coupons I planned to use in our staycation at Ace Water Spa 🙂 Courtesy by Belle De Jour ♥

Together with me is my brother, Kyle; his girlfriend, Daphne, and another friend. We checked-in past 2pm already due to heavy traffic. We came all the way from South to North on a weekday! So do the math, and think of how heavy traffic is everywhere! Sigh! Upon checking in, we just checked the room, turned the AC on, arrange our things, a bit of picture taking and finally went to Ace Water Spa, which is located at the ground floor of the hotel.

Here’s a view of our room… a Deluxe Twin Room ♥

Our twin beds 🙂 Ahhh! I feel like sleeping just by seeing this
Room is spacious 🙂
TV area… with complimentary bottled water, coffee, tea , and wine 🙂
ohh! They’ve got a complimentary bottle of wine!!!! ♥♥♥
The desk 🙂
The toilet :) It's so clean and spacioussss :)
The toilet 🙂 It’s so clean and spacioussss 🙂
The shower area :) It has 2 types of shower heads: The regular shower head and a rainfall overhead shower. Sad to say, NO TUB! :P
The shower area 🙂 It has 2 types of shower heads: The regular shower head and a rainfall overhead shower. Sad to say, NO TUB! 😛
Toiletries :)
Toiletries 🙂

I was feeling sick on the night of our stay… I forgot my Kremil-S!!! For God sake! My tummy is painful! And their hotel clinic isn’t opened 24 hours and no pharmacy near the hotel. Because of this, we weren’t able to go to the SkyHigh Bar because I have to stay in our room and sleep and hoping the clinic will be opened early tomorrow. So the following day before we had our breakfast, I ask my brother to check the clinic and ask for Kremil-S. Sad to say, at 8am, it’s still closed. So I had no choice but to eat breakfast. Lucky enough on our way back to our room, we saw the nurse at the lobby! Wooh! I was able to get my med, FINALLY!!!

Alright, enough of my wanting-to-get-my-medicine story… here’s our breakfast…

Breakfast buffet has a few selection… but I must say I love the bacooooon so much! Food served were hamonadong Langoniza, breakfast potatoes, scrambled egg, dried fish, bacon and a variety of bread and jams/spreads and drinks. We’ve got 2 complimentary breakfast tickets; regular price is 689/head. And honestly, I don’t think it’s worth 689php per head.



The room is spacious, clean, and well lighted. The beddings are soft and fluffy wanna make me sleep as soon as we enter the room. Cable TV is okay and had great list of channels. AC is not that cold (even though we put the temperature lower already) but it is okay. The complimentary wine was unexpected and I love it! Room service is okay but I was disappointed when I was trying to call for food delivery/room service to buy some food and no one was answering the line… We ended up buying food at the 7/11 located at the ground level of the hotel. The toilet & bathroom on the other hand is okay but I got some disappointments. I was done taking a bath and was about to brush my teeth when I saw the water coming from the sink is YELLOWWWWWW!!! I immediately grabbed the white cup and checked if the water is really yellow or it’s just the lightning. Sad to say, it’s REALLY YELLOWWWW! And so I tried getting more water from the shower and saw the water is really yellow 🙁 We tried calling the front desk and room service again and no one answers. We kept the water running for a few minutes before the water became clear. So that’s a lesson learned, check the water before taking a shower. One more thing, my brother noticed that the bathroom door has no lock, although it has a phone inside. They we’re thinking of a possibility when someone got into your room for a purpose of robbing or etc, and you only had to stay in your bathroom to call for help, then that someone can easily get you for the reason the bathroom has no lock.  Anyways, it’s no big deal I think, well at least for me.

Our total expenses: Regular Room rate: Php 6,864.00 Less (Belle De Jour Coupon): Php 2,000.00 Room Payment: Php 4,864.00 + Php 2,000.00 security deposit which is refundable upon checkout

All in all, our stay at Ace Hotel & Suites was okay… although they really need to develop some parts of their service, just like checking their water supply in each room or answer calls.

My total rating: 3/5



Address: Brixton Street, near Pioneer, United St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila Phone:(02) 462 8222

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