Accommodation: Ace Water Spa

I’ve been contemplating since the other day, whether I should write two different blogs for our experience with Ace Hotel & Suites and Ace Water Spa. Well, I decided to put it in different blog posts as to not flood one post.

Here are the links:
Ace Hotel & Suites:
Ace Water Spa:
Ace Party! KTV Lounge: (working on)
Ace Coffee Lounge Lunch Buffet:
Ace SkyHigh Bar: wasn’t able to try this one… I was feeling sick that night. My tummy felt so painful and the hotel clinic was closed.

So after checking in… we went to the Ace Water Spa located at the ground floor of the hotel. My expectations were high… as I’m expecting something or maybe even better than Wensha. Sad to say… I was a bit disappointed; maybe because I have another place to compare which is Wensha.

ace-water-and-spa-pasig-pool-2 (1)

So it started by going to the locker area; men and women has different locker rooms just like in Wensha. Upon entering the locker room, we were asked to surrender our shoes/slippers. I was waiting for the lady to give us slippers but then she said they’ve got no slippers left. Wensha never run out of slippers. Imagine us walking around the locker room, barefooted! It’s no big deal, but then it could have been better if there were slippers.

We then changed into our swimwear. Please take note they only allow SPANDEX material for swimwears and NO UNDERWEARS… so if you want to wear those spandex cycling shorts with underwear, we suggest you wear a bikini panty under your cycling shorts instead of your regular cotton underwear.

After changing… you’ll walk through going to the swimming area and be asked to wear this red head cap. I partly enjoyed the spa area but it wasn’t that relaxing. I was expecting to be relaxed like in Wensha. The area is crowded and some people won’t just leave that certain equipment or area so you have to wait for them to cloy or leave the area.

Btw, cameras aren’t allowed at the area so I have to grab some photos over the internet. Here are some photos of what you’ll experience at Ace Water Spa.

20121129-ace-hotel-pahabol-highres-0007Indoor Lap Pool

Bubble Bed
BUBBLE BED: This is my fave and I guess everyone else’s. We’ve waited so long for our turn in this massage area. People had been in this equipment for more than an hour already.

13-vlcsnap-2012-11-01-15h44m42s250-pngBack massages will make you feel relaxed for a bit, but I got itchy if I stayed longer in this kind of massage area due to pressure

Rainfall Acupuncture It Is Best Enjoyed When Lying Face Down Wherein Million Raindrops With Various Intensities Gently Massage Every Part Of The Body.


What I enjoyed most is the HOT HERBAL POOLS. It’s suggested that you start by dipping at the lowest temperature pool first which is the mint pool at 36C, then deep to the cold pool for a few seconds before going on a higher temp pool like Jasmine Pool at 38C and Lavender Pool at 40C. So remember to dip at the cold pool first before dipping with a hot pool.

So it’s literally in this order …. 36C Hot > Cold > 38C Hot > Cold > 40C Hot > Cold

Water dispensers can be found in some areas for you to hydrate. After 4 hours of staying in the spa, you surely will feel hungry. We stayed in less than 4 hours, because even if it’s a weekday, there’s a lot of people. The place is crowded and I couldn’t enjoy the place anymore.

Our expenses:  FREE 2 complimentary tickets from hotel Php 550 – Buy1Take1 ticket from Belle De Jour


Address: Brixton Street, near Pioneer, United St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila Phone:(02) 462 8222

Regular price: 550/ adult 250/ kid (4ft. & below)


I love the spa area but not that much. I was hoping they’ll consider making the area bigger to accommodate every people availing of their hydrotherapy spa services. I hate waiting for people to finish each area… and times when those people won’t just leave that same area for hour/s already. All in all it was okay. But not that relaxing.

My score: 4/5


Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.01.12 PM


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  3. araalfaro415 Avatar

    I hope I could use up my Ace Water Spa coupon too, but I’m not sure which branch will be better. baka mahal rin kasi.

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      Try the one in Pasig 🙂 mas spacious 💕

      1. araalfaro415 Avatar

        I’ll see to it and ask my family muna. 🙂 pero thanks sa suggestion 🙂

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