BDJ Women’s Summit: Women Can, Women Will!

I wasn’t able to attend a lot of BDJ events in the past due to my demanding school schedule; plus, I had to focus reviewing for board exam last year. Any how, I felt ecstatic when the BDJ Women Summit was announced and I knew that the schedule was perfect for me! I have no work, no event to attend to, and the location is very accessible. On the same note, it was perfect since I was given free tickets by Viviamo with a +1 ticket! Perfect, right?

The second BDJ Women’s Summit, entitled “Women Can. Women Will,” happened last March 25, 8:00am at Samsung Hall, SM Aura. The event hall was jampacked with different booths of partner brands like Manulife, Serenitea, Angat Buhay, Miss Possibilities, and a lot more.

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The event was hosted by the gorgeous Luane Dy of Unang Hirit and started with an opening remarks from Viviamo’s president, Ms. Darlyn Ty.



The event was divided into three main plenaries with 2-4 speakers each + the key note speaker:

  1. Plenary 1: Unleashing the Power Within
    • Abbygale Arenas-De Leon, Jodi Sta. Maria, Hidilyn Diaz
  2. Plenary 2: Make it Big with Something Small
    • Rebecca Bustamante-Mills, Pia Gladys Perey
  3. Plenary 3: Be the Driving Force to Positive Change 
    • Danah and Stacy Gutierrez, Jaymie Pizzaro
  4. Key Note Speaker: Vice President – Ma. Leonor Robredo


  • Plenary 1: Abbygale Arenas-De Leon

  • Abbygale is the former representative of the Philippines in the 1997 Miss Universe. She was an amazing speaker… bubbly, lively and witty! She has told a lot of life lessons from being bullied when she was young to her own struggles as a growing woman.


  • Plenary 1: Jodi Sta. MariaFullSizeRender-3
    • Jodi is one of the few actresses I have met before and loved her ever since. She played main roles in TV shows like Tabing Ilog, 2002 and 2015 Pangako Sayo Version, Be Careful with my Heart, and a lot more. She is bubbly and full of life. She shared a lot about her own struggles just to be in the place where she is right now. Jodi is, indeed, a person full of humility.


  • Plenary 1: Hildilyn DiazIMG_6745
    • Hildilyn is the first female athlete to win an Olympic medal for the Philippines. She started competing in weightlifting at a very young age. She is someone who has a lot of stories about life struggle and perseverance. I can relate on how hard it is to be an athlete… the life balance, the stress, and the love for sports.


  • Plenary 2: Rebecca Bustamante-HillsIMG_6748
    • Rebecca is an OFW turned entrepreneur. She is an inspiration! She started at the bottom and now the CEO of her own company. She is the living proof of the saying, “Set a goal. Work on it. And reap what you sow.” 


  • Plenary 2: Pia Gladys PereyFullSizeRender-4
    • Pia is the first ever Filipina to be invited in the prestigious World Fashion Week in Paris last 2014. Her label has been featured on the red carpet of Golden Globes, Emmys, and a lot more. She had styled Hollywood actors like Angelina Jolie, Demi Lovato and many more. She is one of my favorite speakers! She talked from being bullied when she was younger to struggles of a young adult… getting broke, stopped splurging, learned how to manage money, how she chase her dreams, and how her problems and mistakes made her stronger.


  • Plenary 3: Danah & Stacy GutierrezIMG_6756
    • Danah & Stacy started the Body Positivity Movement in the country. They are the twins behind Plump.PH and “The Big Fat Book of Self Love”. I never gained so much, so, hearing their stories about bulimia and other stuff were new and inspiring to me. “The struggle is real,” as they said. I just wished every one who aren’t happy with their big bodies right now have listened to their story and encouragements.


  • Plenary 3: Jaymie PizzaroIMG_6759
    • Jaymie is the woman behind the popular running blog, I was so empowered with all her achievements in running career. At age 40, with 2 kids, she looks amazing! I love how she shared her stories about running, family life, and personal goals.


  • Key note speaker: VP Leni Robredo
    • Our very own vice president was able to attend the Women’s Summit this year. Apart from the current controversies, she empowered a lot of women, like her, to be strong. Aside from her civil works as a government official, she shared women whom she helped to be successful and who worked hard to be successful!


Before the event ended, raffles were drawn! Yahoo! This is for sure the most fun part of all! Prizes were overflowing from different partner brands like Jergens, Serenitea, Flawless, SkinStation, and a loooooot more!

Luckily, I’ve won a Flawless Package! Yaaay! The photo below is my BDJ Loot Bag + the package I got from Flawless.






And this one is the photo of me with a co-bella, Romielyn! 🙂




This event was really fun and I’m excited for the next BDJ event!

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