#PerksofaBella: Trendsetter’s Bazaar Experience!

I’ve been wanting to go to Trendsetter’s bazaar last March 3-5, but something came up and wasn’t able to go. So, I really make it a point to attend the Apr 7-9 bazaar. Although I almost didn’t make it again, I finally made it on their last day! Thanks to my #PerksofaBella for my Trendsetter’s Bazaar Free Entrance Ticket.
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I commend the Trendsetter’s team for a very organized registration section. I was able to enter the shopping haven in a snap after registration. Ohh-la-la! As soon as I set my foot in the shopping area, I felt the urge to shop and I knew right then and there that my money will be gone in 1-2-3!

I don’t have pictures of the shopping area, ugh! I know right! I was so busy rummaging each booth and making my way to get that one last top displayed! I’ll make a list of top shops I loved — and yes, where I shopped. LOL — in no particular order.

  • Jukaykay (ig: @jukaykayatbp)
  • Rochelle Abella & Kally Araneta’s booth (where I got a looooot of clothes)
  • Tamara
  • Cesa PH
  • KikayNeedsOverload
  • Twill Cavern
  • Empress Shop
  • Skin Genie
  • and other shops I forgot 🙁 Yes, a piece from almost every booth! LOL

As soon as I came home, I was so excited to show it to my partner! And he was as game as I am to take photos of some of it! HAHAHA!

The pieces I’ve got from Rochelle & Kally’s booth are those that I love most! I got myself a nice long dress for 200 pesos! YESSSS! TWO-HUNDRED-PESOS! My favorite piece? This red, strapless, silk top! The photo didn’t give that much justice, but the fabrication of this top is SUPER-B! And it’s again, worth Php 250! And lastly, this dress that looks like a Harajuku Pattern Dress Fashion! I just love it!

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I got a lovely black dress from Tamara that I’ll be re-posting after our Bora trip on Thursday. This dress needs justice! It just wouldn’t show how fab it is! It was also nice talking to Tamara, the pretty lady behind this nice outfits. She was sisterly in attending to my inquiries about the clothes! And yay! I would still love that white dress tailored exactly for me!

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And if you know me so well, you’ll know I’ buy all different colors of a clothing I liked! My brother always complains about this. He knows I have lots of same clothing style but in different colors. I hate complaining that I should’ve bought the other color because it goes perfectly with the flat or bag or bottom that I would want to wear on the day. So yea, this is just a few of what I’ve got from the bazaar wherein I bought different colors, but same style!

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I also bought a lovely swimwear from Cesa PH… just in time in our upcoming out of town! I also bought other clothing pieces, eyewear, accessories, and wild honey from Palawan!

Though, I have one wishlist!! I would love to have this retro turntable from @epicenterph! Yay! They also have a lot of albums on sale, like Taylor’s 1989 and more!

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All in all, Trendsetter’s Bazaar will always be the perfect place to destress! Just don’t look at your wallet afterwards! lol! Thank you, BDJ x Trendsetter’s Bazaar!

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  1. araalfaro415 Avatar

    wow. wish I could use my trendsetter’s bazaar coupon very soon. bihira lang kasi kami makapunta ng bazaar and medyo malayo pa sa place namin

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