Busy June and July

Hi there!

I haven’t posted a blog for a while because I’ve been busy with a lot of things since June. So, today the classes were suspended due to bad weather and I’ve decided to write a blog before doing my job. Anyhoo, here are the things that keep my mind running all day long…


1. Dental School

I’m back with dental school and no one would ever say dentistry is easy. We have several clinical case requirements on top of our theoretical subject requirements. And everything just couldn’t fit within a day… 24 hours seems to be insufficient for all the work required in a day. I couldn’t even read my novels or any book that isn’t dental-related. All I have to do is study, read, and study again about dentistry. Non-stop reading is required in dentistry… you might never know what case is up for you the next day. 

2. Hospital Dentistry Internship


On top of dental school clinical requirements and theoretical subjects… there goes the hospital internship. My previous school doesn’t have this. Hospital dentistry was just a simple medical subject; but in my current school, we are required to go on a hospital duty in their affiliated hospital. We go on rotations to different parts of the hospital (not just dental department) like OPD (out-patient department), Hematology, Cancer Dept, OB-Gyne, Wards, and others.

3. My job as a freelance writer


This is the only job I can do while in bed and with my PJs. I work as a freelance writer for several marketing agencies and dental offices in US, Canada, and Australia. If you happen to visit one dental website, you may see that there’s “treatments” or “services” category. Well, I write those kind of pages. I write the info about different treatments done by a dental office. I also write informative articles for their blog section. 

This is the only job I can do on top of my busy schedule. Why? Because it doesn’t require much time… I can write one article in an hour or less. Plus, I can’t drop this job because this is where my shopping funds come from. LOL! I need a work to feed my shopping addiction. I’m better of shopping with my own money than asking somebody for it. I hardly ask money from my parents for shopping ever since and I wouldn’t ask anyone for shopping money right now. Everyone knows how much money I spend on skin care, cosmetics, and hair monthly. And-that-needs-to-be-maintained! HAHA! 

Anyways, this is just a quick blog update. See you on my next blog! 

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