Dentistry is an Art

I came across an article a few days ago saying that “Dentistry is an Art.” Before studying dentistry, I always thought that it would be easy and it’s just science. I thought all I have to do is drill the tooth, remove the infected/diseased part, then pack it with composite. I forgot about the part that I’ll be treating a living tissue—something with life inside (yep, the pulp/nerve!).

However, as I study Dentistry longer, the more I appreciate the art of dentistry. Aside from removing the diseased part of a tooth, it’s also the dentist’s responsibility to put back the normal anatomy or features of a tooth. It’s harder than how I say it—believe me! I’m no way closer to clinical cases shared in social media. But I’m trying my hardest to restore a tooth closest to its normal anatomy—not just for the grades, but for the benefit of the patient.

For instance, this case took me an hour or more to completely restore it to its original anatomy (don’t know how long really ‘ because I restored all five teeth at the same time). It seems easier than how it’s shown by our professors, colleagues, and even dentists from the youtube but it’s tricky!

When I previously worked as a hygienist, the dental procedures I can do were very limited; and restoring a tooth is something I missed so much! And now that I’m back, I love to see the before and after pictures of my work… it’s fulfilling!

If you’re a clinician too (or a dentist) I’d love to know what you think of my restoration or even see yours! Let me know your IG handle so I see your cases as well. If you’re also a dental intern struggling to learn new techniques… follow @rizalrizkyakbar in IG. He shares a lot of dental cases!

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