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The weather in the Philippines now is so terrible! It’s too hot I wanted to sleep in the refrigerator, be in my room with AC on all the time or just be in the mall all day from opening hours til nighttime.

I’ve been passing by this nail spa house named NAILTROPICS a lot of times whenever we go to SM BF and really wanna try it, but I was hesitant because I often got my nails done at Nail Spa Lounge in Robinson’s Las Piñas. A few times in the past months I tried having a nail spa session at Nailtropics via walking-in but I always ended up going out and having my session at Nail Spa Lounge because of the reason there are no more slots available or you have to wait for hours still. So obviously, you need to book an appointment a day or two before your preferred nail spa session because their service is always a blockbuster!

So last Thursday, as we arrived at the mall, I dropped by NailTropics again trying my luck if I could have some “me-time”. Opening the door, I saw the store was full again so I asked their counter personnel what the next vacant time I could reserve… and luckily she said I just have to wait an hour. Perfect! After making a reservation, my brother and I had our snack first and bought some personal stuff. And exactly after an hour, we went back to Nailtropics and had a look at their list of services. Although I have searched beforehand the services they offer and their prices (been doing this most of the time… especially if I wanted to go somewhere I’ve never been so I know if my budget will fit in).

They have a very affordable and super-B service. You can get regular mani-pedi for as low as 375php (or around $8). What caught my attention is their “ORGANIC DELIGHTS” which includes Manicure Spa and Pedicure Spa. Ohhh! The word SPA! I’m addicted to any SPA! Haha! The place is so SPA-Like with a different kind of chair… haven’t been to any nail salon with this kind of chair… most of the time nail salons have couches but this one has a different kind of chair and it’s so comfortable.


I availed “Brighten My Day” Manicure Spa
It includes soaking up my hands in warm water, putting up a mask, and wrapping it up in a cellophane. According to the service description, it’s an all-natural-skin-brightening mask made of their own “sinugaok” blend of rice, almond milk, and sugar to moisturize and whiten my hands. After a few minutes, it was washed in a bowl of warm water again and my hands felt rejuvenated! Sooooo soft!

Gel Polish : “Serving Boyz” by Jessica Nail Polish
As always, I chose gel polish for my manicure. I don’t want to see chipping or anything like fading nail polish for at least until next week as I have a vacation trip this coming week and I want my nails to look as presentable as possible! Haha! I chose the shade “Serving Boyz” by Jessica Gel Nail Polish. It looks like a pastel blue-green and was coincidentally the same shade as my shorts that day 🙂


I availed their “Butter Me Up” Pedicure Spa
It includes soaking up my feet in warm water, scrubbing with a scrubbing cream (which I suppose is the Butter Me Up mix) and washing in warm water again. Butter Me Up is made up of cacao butter, spearmint oil, avocado, and sea salts to soften rough, calloused feet.

Regular Polish : L.A. Colors Black
I always wanted a darker shade for my feet. I remember a nail artisan told me before that a dark shade of nail polish for my toenails will compliment my skin color and make it look even whiter.

Manicure Spa is 300php and Pedicure Spa is 500php; but you can avail both for only 780php! 20php off is something to be thankful still! While Gel Polish is an additional 650php I got a 10% discount for availing manicure spa and paid only 585php. .

My FIRST-EVER Full Leg Wax

While Shandy is doing my pedicure spa… She asked me if I hadn’t done leg waxing as it is obvious that I have hairy legs… Not much but there is! So I said no and I wouldn’t like to try because I think it’s painful and thinking I have to do it all the time and maintain it after a few weeks stresses me. But after a long time of thinking… I decided to try it for the FIRST TIME!!!! Gosh! After my spa… we started with the leg wax and I must admit it’s not that painful. Brow threading was even more painful than leg waxing. I can’t compare the leg waxing to any other experience as this was my first time and so I must say I’m happy with how she did it and the result. She’s been so detailed on how she does it and even double-checks if there’s a hair left in any part. The end result was outstanding. My legs looked more flawless and whiter. As waxing doesn’t just remove hair but a bit of the dead skin layer.

I paid only 765php for Full Leg Wax instead of 850php because they offer 10% OFF for leg waxing if you availed any pedicure spa.


I don’t feel disappointed… hence, I felt I needed more of it! Like I want another pampering session like that every day! I love the ambiance of the place, the well-trained and hospitable staff, and the great services! I don’t mind paying more for that kind of great service! 🙂

Ambiance –     

Service –           

Price –              

Reservation –       

Overall, I would be back here for sure and remember to book an appointment a day or two so I don’t have to wait anymore. To check the details of their services and to book an appointment online, see the details below.

AYALA FAIRVIEW TERRACES 0917.852.5444 / 294.7293
CENTURY CITY MALL 0917.852.5431 / 553.8763
EASTWOOD CITYWALK 0917.624.0106  / 0918.941.9439 / 916.0052 / 211.8489
GREENBELT 5 0917.852.1662 / 501.3999
PODIUM 0917.802.5237  / 964.0757
RUSTAN’S ALABANG TOWN CENTER 0917.881.2340  / 850.5532 loc.128 / 216.2471
RUSTAN’S SHANGRI-LA PLAZA 0917.801.NAIL (6245) / 622.6349
SERENDRA 0917.831.NAIL (6245)  / 0918.941.9438 / 856.0468 / 211.2915
SM City BF 0917.501.6668  / 0998.998.6208  / 808.6967
TRINOMA 0917.566.NAIL (6245) / 0919.999.NAIL (6245)  / 720.9150

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