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I’ve been on and off into blogging since last year. Well, I kinda blog for fun and I really enjoy sharing my experiences with different products and places too. My posts were usually about beauty & skin care products, beauty boxes I got, and some leisure experiences. I’ve been thinking of sharing a bit of where I am during a year of being absent and what I’ve have learned. This might be long… but here you go!

I transferred school last year (SY 2015-2016) from being a “southie” to a “northie”. I’m a “southie” who was very allergic into going north or anywhere in MANILA… the traffic, pollution, higher crime rates, and most of the streets can easily be flooded with just light rain. Aside from a new school, I also decided to stay somewhere near my school to cut the expenses for transportation and also spare myself from getting dead tired from travelling everyday.

Living all by myself then started.

I thought it would be easier to live alone, but then I learned that it was a bit hard living without a mom/dad that will prepare my meals and no house helper to help me with daily chores.
I’ve been living all by myself for more than a year now and I’ve realized how independent I became. I get to prepare meals for myself everyday no matter how tiring my day was. I have to admit, it’s not always that I’m diligent to cook… thanks to food deliveries like foodpanda, mcdo, jollibee and more restaurants. I also get to budget money for electricity & water bills, grocery, laundry expenses and more. I was enforced to SAVE most of the time, rather than splurge. Hahaha! I eat a lot… really A LOT than you can imagine, and so I would rather not buy that H&M jumpsuit I really want to have than to starve myself from eating delish foods.

I also get to enjoy cooking dishes… I love trying out new dishes and trying to cook what my parents or our house helper  would often cook at home. I get to buy the ingredients by myself too. I was learning little by little how to buy these and that… how to spot a fresh fish and a lot more. Yes, I do cook in my parent’s house… but our house helper buys everything and even prepares the ingredients from peeling to slicing 😝 So all I’ll do is to cook! I’m proud of myself that I actually enjoys buying stuff to cook and I’ve got a dad who is always ready to reply with my “how-to-cook-this” messages. I also realized how tricky it is to peel “sayote”. Ughhh! Didn’t know there’s a certain step you need to do before peeling it completely.

Aside from cooking… I was so proud of myself for my IRONING SKILLS. I know people at my age (I’m 23) knows how to iron clothes, but not me. Our house helper or my dad was always there to save me from doing this chore. I just think I don’t have the skills on how to iron clothes. So since I’m living alone, I need to iron my school uniform, scrub suits and my dresses when I needed to go to an event. And I believe, I still need to develop my ironing skills. LOL!! AND YES, I STILL HATE IRONING! HAHAHA!

My old place, where I stayed for a year, has an intermittent internet connection. Bugger! Even my cellular data has low to no signal at all. That’s the reason why I haven’t blogged at all since then. I’ve been receiving a few items for the past few months and I just have to post it in my instagram account and do microblogging.

So now, I’m back into blogging! I’m back in sharing reviews of products I have tried and a whole lotta more! I just hope my parents can read this and be proud how independent I became, lol! (*wink!). Kidding aside, I’m enjoying being independent… I just miss my little nephew, though. 🙁

So, there! I just wanted to share a bit of myself and I know I bored you a bit with this one. Lol! (I hope you’re not 😝)

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