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I have always wanted to purchase testers or samplers first before buying full-sized products. Or else…it will take time before I’ll decide into buying a full-sized product. I would read countless of blog reviews online, watch several Youtube vlogs and a lot of convincing on my part (hahaha!).

I’m just so glad I’ve been a part of SampleRoom PH since 2014. It’s the first beauty and lifestyle sampling website in the Philippines wherein you can try products through their point system.

Here’s my current SampleRoom PH Loot:


  • Palmolive Naturals Healthy & Smooth Shampoo and Cream Conditioner
  • (NEW!) Palmolive Naturals White Milk Body Wash + Bar Soap
  • Strip Upper Lip Ice

What I love most about this current loot is that all the products were full-sized! Moreover, the Strip Upper Lip Ice costs Php2,600 per session and I got this free with my current SampleRoom Loot. Double yay!

The newest products of Palmolive – White Milk Body Wash + Bar Soap – were undeniably a great product.  It smells so good that it feels like I’m taking a bath with milk. The scent is neither strong nor flowery. I smell so fresh after using the body wash – the scent was refreshing.

For the shampoo and conditioner, I honestly swear by Pantene or Cream Silk for conditioner. If I change my conditioner, my hair feels sticky or not too soft at all and sometimes I develop dandruff. But I love the scent of Palmolive and how long-lasting the scent is. I have used different variants of Palmolive Shampoo (which I love) but maybe the conditioner isn’t just for me.


And finally – the Strip Upper Lip Ice! I would love to try this as soon as I got the package from SampleRoom; however, I just had a dental surgery in my upper lip. Fortunately, the validity is until January 2018 and I can’t wait to get off my thin hair in my upper lip.

All in all, I feel excited and happy every time I receive a package from SampleRoom PH. It helps me decide whether to buy or not a certain item or service.

Thank you, SampleRoomPH!
Visit right now and start sampling!

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