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In 2012, Uniqlo Japan launched their Airism line which is improved through the years. Recently, Uniqlo Philippines made it available for Filipino consumers, and I am so excited to be able to try it first.

SampleRoomPH is a heaven-sent community where you can try items before deciding to buy. So, last month I was able to get 4 FREE coupons to avail of 4 different types of innerwear from Uniqlo’s Airism line. Yay for free shopping, right?!

Have a peek at what I’ve got!


  • Uniqlo Women’s Airism Camisole
  • Uniqlo Women’s Airism Seamless Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Uniqlo Women’s Airism Sleeveless Top
  • Uniqlo Women’s Airism Seamless Sleeveless Top

What makes it awesome?!

AIRism is an innovative innerwear that provides you the best comfort through its smooth texture and comfort technology. It utilizes Cupro fiber, a regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton which makes AIRism able to absorb and release moisture under clothing.

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✓ Soft texture – AIRism uses a long, microfiber thread allowing it to have a smooth texture just like silk. It’s so smooth that during a video experiment, the sand slips off the clothing at the same rate as a silk material compared to cotton.
✓ Dries Quicker – It is due to the capillary phenomenon spreading water rapidly throughout the garment.
✓ Absorbs moisture – AIRism absorbs sweat quickly as compared to cotton and polyester which reduces musty smells and increases comfort.
✓ Stretchable
✓ Seamless – Two types – Short Sleeve T-shirt & Sleeveless Top – are seamless which makes it perfect as an innerwear!
✓ Anti-Odour Properties – AIRism garment neutralizes ammonia making you odor-free!

The Verdict


I’ve been using it every day as an innerwear for my all-white school uniform. So instead of using my usual cotton camisole, I used the AIRism Camisole, Sleeveless Top, and Seamless Sleeveless Top for a week.

❤ I love that I don’t feel so sweaty at the middle of the day after working in the clinics and running back-and-forth first floor and third floor.

❤ Sometimes, I opt not to wear an innerwear because it feels so hot/humid, but with this AIRism line… I feel like wearing nothing at all.

❤ The seamless types are perfect as an innerwear to thin, white polo shirts to prevent your brassiere from being visible.

❤ Dental students can surely relate to how hot and how hard we struggle just to get a chair assignment every single day! My friends always say I look “fresh” despite them looking all sweaty from lining up at the clinics. It is because the AIRism line is breathable as the clothing itself releases heat!

The best part is that AIRism collection is very affordable at Php590! Give it a try, and you’ll surely be wanting more of it! Oh, and by the way, it has several other colors/designs aside from white, black, & nude which you can wear as it is or as an innerwear!


Drop by the nearest Uniqlo stores from you now and enjoy the luxury of wearing a good quality of innerwear! Let me know if you got yours too!

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