Accommodation: Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa

I was about to write about our quick getaway going to Pangasinan and our second stay at Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa, when I remembered I haven’t even posted how we first discovered this place and our first stay.

During our North road trip (sometime March 2017), we looked for a place to stay and we found Kahuna vacant. We loved our first stay at this resort. However, it was a very short stay since we arrived late night and needed to leave before 8 am the next day. Anyways, I’ll post more of it on my next blog.

So my partner and I decided to go back when we’re both free.


Brace yourselves, this will be long!

Last November 3… my partner, John, and I decided to have a quick getaway and go to Kahuna. I’ve been asking him to go back to Kahuna since my semestral break, but he was just so B-U-S-Y. I wanted to surf and get some tan. Yes, I love getting burned. LOL.

When John said we can go over the weekend, I messaged Kahuna and booked for their standard room. However, all their standard rooms were already booked and only 1 Deluxe Pool View Room is available. So, I instantly asked that room to be reserved for us for an overnight stay from Nov. 4-5.

On November 4 (8am), I got a call from Kahuna that our room was not available already and the next room available is their Villa Suite. I asked them what happened? They said that they gave our room to another person because I wasn’t able to comply with the reservation requirements via the email message they’ve sent. I remember them giving my email address but I haven’t received any email and the staff I talked to regarding the reservations didn’t tell me that I needed to submit or pay prior to booking date and that it will be sent via my email. Only if I know, I could have messaged them that I haven’t received any email yet.

I told them, I haven’t received any email and we wouldn’t like to pay extra for a villa suite which is Php 2,000 more expensive than deluxe. It’s either they give us back the reservation to Deluxe Room or we will just cancel. I explained that we were supposed to get a standard room, but because we really wanted to stay at Kahuna and all standard rooms were reserved, we got the deluxe room which is Php 2,000 more expensive than their standard room. So I asked them to send a proof because they’re insisting they have sent an email. They sent a screenshot of the email “sent to me”… only to found out it was emailed to instead of

I was already pissed off at that time because I’m already looking forward to our quick getaway and chances are it will be cancelled. Eventually, their staff admitted they typed my email wrong and that they will upgrade us to Villa Suite without paying extra. Sigh!!

Moving forward… we left Manila at around 9-10 am after a long chat with a representative from Kahuna. Yes, we won’t be leaving Manila if our Kahuna stay will be cancelled. We arrived around 3:30 pm and we were immediately assisted by their staff going to our villa.



The Villa Suite has 2 queen-sized beds, toilet & bath, and has a private pool shared with other Villas. The room has a mini-bar with a small refrigerator with chips, chocolates, and drinks.  It also has direct access to the beach. The villa suite is good for 4 people and was very spacious for the two of us.


The patio is also an Instagram-worthy spot! You can opt to eat your breakfast or any meal delivered to your villa. However, we prefer dining at the restaurant… overviewing the beach.


We had a quick walk to the beach upon arrival. We’re supposed to swim at night; however, John had his afternoon nap while I read ebooks… and I ended up sleeping too! We woke up past 9pm and ate dinner. Unfortunately, pools were closed already after we ate. So we just slept again and decided to swim in the morning. (Oops, we went out of town to sleep. LOL!)

Main Pool with Swim-up Pool Bar

Semi-private pool for Villa Suites occupants

On our second day, we went on a morning swim at the semi-private pool for Villas after eating breakfast. John wouldn’t allow me to swim at the beach because the waves were too big and no one else was swimming or even surfing.

As usual, the pool is okay. Except that the pools aren’t really heated, unlike what the staff said. But anyways, the pools are well-maintained and we enjoyed goofing around.

They also have a spa house which we weren’t able to try… we might try it on our next visit.



One thing we love about Kahuna is THEIR FOOD. It’s delicious and worth every cent! For dinner we ate Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimp in Sour Soup), Fresh Buko Juice for John, Ripe Mango Shake for me, and Halo-Halo for our dessert.


The next day, we had a very scrumptious breakfast. I love mornings at Kahuna… just because I get to eat breakfast with the view of the beach with an onshore breeze. Plus, the breakfast sets will really make you full. John had “Surfer’s Breakfast”, which I ate during our first stay, while I had “Eggs Benedict”.

JKTravel_Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

JKTravel_Eggs BenedictSurfer’s Breakfast

Who wouldn’t love to eat at Kahuna’s restaurant with this view!?



It was a short stay, but definitely relaxing. John and I love long road trips wherein we would eat junk foods, sing several songs, and talk about anything endlessly. If you love long road trips, Kahuna is definitely worth a destination or a stopover. I would really love to stay here again for a few days next time… maybe some time June-September wherein the waves are good for novice surfers. Take note of that, June-September for novice surfers while October-April for pro-surfers.

Aside from the hassle of the reservation process, we definitely enjoyed our stay at Kahuna. Plus, we really recommend this place for everyone who’s going on a trip to North!

Comments section is open… let me know your thoughts about Kahuna Beach Resort or if you have been to this place as well.

I’ll be blogging about our long North road trip on my next post!


Kahuna Hotel, Cafe and Restaurant
National Highway, Brgy. Urbiztondo,
San Juan, La Union 2514Philippines


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