Accommodation: Brisa Marina Bataan, Philippines

Are you looking for a quick getaway which is just a few hours away from Manila? Brisa Marina in Bataan, Philippines is just 3-5 hours drive from Manila. Surely, you’ll be transported into a paradise in no time!

Brisa Marina in Bataan, Philippines is just 3-5 hours drive from Manila.

I was sick for a week when John (my fiancé) said he would bring me to a place where the air is fresh and where I can recover from being sick quickly. We then booked a reservation for 3 days and 2 nights upon seeing Brisa Marina on facebook, since it looked decent and nice.

We left Manila at 10 A.M. the next day and arrived at Brisa Marina at 1 P.M. There’s pretty much no traffic since it was a Sunday!

Upon arrival, the check-in process was quick enough. And we were given our keys for our room located on the third-floor beachfront building.

The Room
JKExperience Score: 4


Family Room 2E is spacious with a lovely view of the pool and ocean. It has two single beds and two queen beds good for six people. There’s also a balcony overlooking the beach ––which is a great spot to watch the sunset. Look at the photo below! It’s an unfiltered shot taken around 5 P.M. from the balcony.

The only thing of concern is that the shower has weak water pressure. It’s something the resort can improve. All in all, the room is a perfect place to just lay down all day, listen to the sound of waves, and smell fresh air. Totally, relaxing!

The Restaurant/Food
JKExperience Score: 3


There’s actually two restaurants in Brisa Marina. Food served in both restaurants are just the same… it’s just that one restaurant is located in Main Brisa Marina and the other at the new Brisa Millenium Building ––which is like a condominium style building.

Afternoon Snack

I don’t have much photos of the food because as I’ve said ––I’m sick. So what I have is our afternoon snack on our last day. The restaurant serves typical Pinoy dishes like Kaldereta, Ensaladang Talong, Adobo, Nilaga, Sinigang, Gambas, etc. Food is okay. There’s nothing “wow-wow” with their food, but the food is okay. Serving time is usually 20-30minutes.

We also wish they could add refreshing afternoon snacks like halo-halo since it’s really humid in the afternoon.

JKExperience Score:4


Brisa Marina has two pools: one from Brisa Marina Main building and one on Brisa Millenium. The swimming pool looks tempting, but since I was sick, I wasn’t able to go on swimming!

I also heard they offer activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, banana boat ride, and releasing baby sea turtles. These activities are things I should do on our next stay.

JKExperience Score:4

Brisa Marina is located in a remote area at Bataan. The nearest convenience store (7-eleven) is just a 10-minute drive from the resort. The resort has decent parking spaces with security guards on duty ––though, it’s not covered and just at the side of the road.

The Staff
JKExperience Score:4

Staff is approachable. I commend the guy who bought me medicines. While having dinner, I asked one staff if they have a clinic or medicines… and they said none, but he’s willing to buy me medicines. It’s late at night already, and it’s hard to drive going to 7-eleven since the road we need to pass going to the main highway is a small road between rice fields and dark (there are no street lights).

Although, sometimes they’re hard to find. We experienced looking for a staff for around 5-10 minutes when we went inside the restaurant.

JKExperience Score: 4

Rates of their room per night: (see picture)

•Family Room 1 (4pax) – P5,500
•Premier Room (2pax) – P4,500
•Standard Room (2pax) – P4,000
•Family2A Ocean View (4pax) – P6,800
•Family2B Pool View (4pax) – P6,500
•Family 2C/E Ocean View (6pax) – P7,800
•Family 2D/F Pool View (6pax) – P7,500

All in all, it was a very relaxing stay at Brisa Marina Bataan Philippines. It’s not crowded, and the sunset is magical every single night! We would definitely go back to this amazing hideaway!

Overall #JKExperience: 3 out of 5 ★

Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

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See you on my next getaway blog post!

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