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Online grocers are heaven sent! Early 2015, when I started living all by myself, I was so thankful for HappyFresh––which closed late 2016. I get to manage to have “real” food in my refrigerator and cupboard without going to the mall. It was the year of juggling time from dental school, OJT at San Juan Govt as a dental hygienist, managing my online store, and working as a freelance writer. Besides, I can’t bring all the heavy plastic bags by myself and travel back and forth.

Unfortunately, HappyFresh bid their goodbye in September 2016, and luckily, I discovered METROMART, which was launched in February 2016. However, at that time, they only deliver to Makati, BGC, Taguig, Pasig, and Mandaluyong. It was months after before they offer deliveries to QC and Manila. Then, it was last year when HONESTBEE joined the competition of online grocers.

I’m so thankful for these two! John and I were so busy every day that we can’t squeeze in a grocery time. I’m at school & clinics from Mondays to Sundays 7am to 5pm, while John spends a lot of time going to meetings, movie shootings, and a lot more stuff to do. Here’s a photo of our recent Honestbee and Metromart grocery shopping which arrived at the same time!


I can’t really choose between the two because there are shops I like from each app that the other app doesn’t have.

Although each app has both an advantage and disadvantage over the other. Here are a few difference between METROMART and HONESTBEE:

‘s delivery time is within 90 minutes. I opened the app right now at 6:35pm, and it says, “Next Delivery: Today, 6:35pm.”, which means I’ll get the orders on the same day within 90 minutes after placement of order.
Honestbee‘s delivery time differs from day-to-day and depends on the store. It can be delivered within the day, the next day, or worst after 2 days. So if you want something from Honestbee, better to place an order in the morning and have it delivered in the afternoon; or else, if you place an order in the afternoon, it will most likely be delivered the next day or the day after tomorrow.

This differs per location. In my area, Honestbee has a broader list of stores as compared to Metromart. But I’m so happy both have S&R!
Also, Honestbee has several options for my grocery needs (well at least in my location) such as Farmer’s Market, Robinsons Supermarket, and S&R. While you only get S&R at Metromart

Delivery fee is Php40 per store for orders below Php1,000.00. So, if you order from 2 stores and each order is below Php1,000.00, your delivery fee is Php80.00.
HONESTBEEDelivery fee is Php49 per store which will be free when you reach a store’s minimum spend.

calls it a shopping fee which ranges from Php80-120. It depends on the store and the quantity of your order.
HONESTBEE calls it a concierge fee which is Php99 per store.

depends on the packaging of the store. If you order at S&R, you’ll get your stuff at boxes.
HONESTBEE has their own eco-bag! Isn’t it amazing?! Even if you order from S&R, you’ll get your stuff placed properly in eco-bags.

Both Metromart and Honestbee shoppers never fail to choose good quality seafood, vegetables, fruits, and meat! I have never received an old stock whatsoever. And they always give me the best options in case my order is out of stock.

Here are a few snaps of our previous orders:
(Click each photo to enlarge) 

I have actually been buying grocery online since last year even if John doesn’t want too. He said the payment for concierge and delivery is a waste; and that we can just go down to SM Supermarket (which is just on the first floor of our condominium). However, the goodies SM Supermarket offers are very limited. That’s why I love Honestbee & Metromart! If I want something from Farmer’s Market, S&R, and Robinsons Supermarket… I can just click on the app and wait for it rather than go from one place to another. Saves time, gas, and parking tickets! Right!?

And since we both became busy, he finally decided to go order groceries online because we don’t have anything in the fridge! LOL!

Have you ordered groceries online? Which app? I heard there are a few more new online grocers like pushkart etc, but I haven’t tried those yet. Let me know how your online grocer experience by commenting or DM me at Instagram (@athleyyy).

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Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.01.12 PMThis blog post is not in any way paid or sponsored by Honestbee or Metromart. It is purely my experience. </font> 

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