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These past few months, I’ve been attending quite a lot of events like Dental Convention, PR Events, and Formal Dinner happenings –and it’s a struggle for me to find a perfect OOTD to wear that I haven’t worn yet. Can you relate?

Formal clothes (i.e. Suits and Gowns) are costly and usually worn only once. Yes, I can sell it afterwards, but of course, I need to drop the price.

Recently, I was introduced to “Gown for Rent” and don’t worry gents, they have “Suit for Rent” as well! If you’re attending a formal event like a wedding, debut, dinner party, or just any occasion… they got you covered!

Gown for Rent and Suit for Rent has a wide variety of gowns, cocktail dresses, and even suits! Oh, they also have accessories for rent. Your one-stop-stylists shop, isn’t it?

And for ladies who want to experiment with their style, you can use their suits as well –which I find very stylish for formal events.

How to rent an attire from Gown for Rent or Suit for Rent?

  1. Visit their branch at Unit 308 77 Building Visayas Avenue Quezon City, Philippines 1112
  2. Select the piece you want to rent via their Facebook Page or at their branch catalogue
  3. Try out the clothing
  4. Pay for the Rent fee + Refundable Deposit Fee
  5. Reserve it and get it a day before your event or bring it home if your event is just a few days to go
  6. Return the clothing after your event and pay for a dry-cleaning service of Php500/item and get the refundable deposit fee

Is it worth it?

ABSOLUTELY!! The cheapest gown I ever had is worth Php25,000 while you can rent an equally stylish gown or a suit for as low as Php1,500 from Gown for Rent & Suit for Rent. I don’t even mind paying the Php500 dry-cleaning services since it’s the cheapest dry-cleaning fee I ever saw.

Want to get a discount?

If you would be renting anytime soon… use my code THESASSYDENTISTPH to avail of a 10% discount to any item you will rent!

Gown for Rent | Suit for Rent
Unit 308 77 Building Visayas Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines 1112
(02) 782 1180

10 responses to “Gown For Rent | Suit For Rent”

  1. Monalisa Bio Avatar
    Monalisa Bio

    I like that idea Dra. Kath, bawas gastos compare s bibili k ng gown or suits at isang suotan lng, at ang gnda ng napili niong suit Dra. so chic and elegant po.

  2. Wendy Avatar

    Great idea. You’re right, you can only use your gowns or even formal dresses once or at most 2-3 times. Sayang ang mahal lalo na pag nagpa customize pa.

  3. Shescapade Avatar

    Been there and tried their gowns and suit. It’s very convenient to rent gown and suit nowadays especially of so many events that I am attending.

  4. blair villanueva Avatar
    blair villanueva

    Rental is the new black! It is practical, saves costs (time and money) and spaces.

  5. jayresa03 Avatar

    I knew a lot of places here in our places where we can rent gowns even cheaper than 1.5k but for suits like the one you’re wearing, I have no idea. MOre likely the typical suits for men are the ones avail.

  6. jayneglezelle Avatar

    Oh wow that is pretty cool you don’t want to buy clothes you don’t really wear all the time just rent it. Good idea

  7. Travel with Karla Avatar

    I love the idea of renting a gown. It’s advisable for people who don’t have big storage at home. I hope they make another branch in the South!

  8. Christian Foremost Avatar
    Christian Foremost

    This is so helpful. I am totally considering this when I have big events and stuff. Why would I pay good money for a suit or dress that I’ll only wear once right. Thanks so much!!

  9. Nadj Villaver Avatar
    Nadj Villaver

    Wow! I’d love to visit the shop especially before our Christmas party this year. It’s a good alternative to buying new formal dress and suit. So practical!

  10. KathGraceDM Avatar

    This is very affordable! and it looks like they have a lot of gowns and suits to choose from.

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