The Archery Academy, Greenhills Adventure

Months ago, I was scanning through metrodeal app to check on new deals and saw an activity being offered by The Archery Academy. I haven’t done archery before and was curious to try it out so I bought tickets for 3 people (Php299/head per 1hr)

Last Oct. 23, we had our 1hr session from 11am to 12nn.

Our session started out by meeting our instructor, Gio, who also does competitive archery. He taught us the basics of archery: Safety Precautions, Familiarization with the Gear, Stance, Finger Placement, Drawing the Bow, Anchoring, How to Retrieve our arrows, and Scoring

Our package includes free target in black and white but we also purchased the 10-ring colored one for only Php50/each.

Archery seems so be so easy but it’s harder in reality. It needs proper posture, upper body strength, etc. It also improves hand-eye coordination, strength, focus, and patience. It’s so challenging that we ended up wanting more time (lol!!) —probably we’ll end up having more sesh in the future.

We get to play and compete with each other’s scores just like competitive archery (pero pang noob muna)!!And unlike other Archery places, we get unlimited tries within 1 hour. I heard some archery places will make you pay per number of arrows. 😅

Gio was very hands-on during the whole session. He gave us tips on how we can improve and it felt like a personal coaching for the three of us because there’s not much people in the studio aside from us and another kid he trains for competition.

I was able to get prices for their Achery sessions. Since we’re also thinking of having more sessions.

They also offer summer packages for kids & adults who want to make archery their sport. See photos below for their rates and 2019 schedule which I think will be, somewhat, the sched for 2020.

All in all it was a nice weekend activity and surely, we’ll be back for more!!

It’s super sulit and a good activity to bond with family or friends! I recommend this activity for kids ages 9yo and above to enhance their skills.

Contact The Archery Academy now to book your archery sesh!

The Archery Academy



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