Product Review: SisterAnn Beauty Brand

Trying out new products has become easier with Shopee PH. We can buy any item from overseas and receive it in 1-2 weeks! I came across SisterAnn brand on Instagram and was so surprised to know they ship to the Philippines through Shopee PH.

Who is SisterAnn?

SisterAnn is a beauty brand from Japan and Korea. Sister Ann was created with a focus on easy makeup. And their Shopee Shop ships directly from Korea, so buyers are assured that the products you will be receiving are authentic.

TheSassyDentist Picks

1. SisterAnn Mood Fit Serum Tint (Php449/1 set of 6 colours)

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Glossy Tints in which moist glass beads brilliantly coat your lips. I love how you can use it as full colour lip gloss or do an ombre effect which is lighter. It is available in 6 colours.

2. SisterAnn Double Effect Waterproof Eye Pencil

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This is their best-seller product and definitely a must-have for your daily makeup! It’s a 2 in 1 / Eyeshadow + Eyeliner, water-sweat-oil proof, highly pigmented shades and has a built-in mini sharpener. You can buy three shades and layer them to recreate the popular Kdrama make up! And this is perfect for those who are having trouble with oily lids since it’s really waterproof and sweatproof!

2. SisterAnn Double Effect Waterproof Eye Pencil

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By creating a coating film with ultra-fine powder, this mask-proof Item minimises your makeup smudging. The mineral powder perfectly absorbs sweat and sebum. It’s like you just put on fresh makeup. Now, Say BYE! to the smeared makeup with this product! It’s also transparent so no need to worry about unmatched skin tone.


All in all, I’m surprised by this brand and I love using these products every day, even while I work at home! The products are totally light and hypoallergenic. I’m not really into lip tints, but I’m starting to love this and flaunt my KDrama look while on Zoom calls! Hahaha!

What colour of lip tints do you love to try? Let me know in the comment section below!

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