Product Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

I dropped by The Body Shop few weeks ago to buy their Tea Tree line of facial wash and toner due to a lot of positive product reviews I’ve read. I’m having pimple breakouts at my chin at that time hoping it will be the answer to my pimple problems. I have actually read somewhere that if you have pimple breakouts, particularly in the chin area, it may have been caused by toothpaste when you let the fluid drip into your chin when you brush your teeth. And yes, I’m kinda aware of that and I can’t really avoid it most of the time.
So I’m in search for an answer to my acne problem and came across with The Body Shop Tea Tree line. I was just about to buy the toner and facial wash when the sales representative said toner was out of stock at that time, so she introduced this TEA TREE OIL to me.
She said tea tree oil can be applied directly to your acne, scars, pimple marks, insect bites, or just any scars in your body and not just in your face to allow it to dry and faster healing. She actually said this one sells like pancakes all over the world!


A medicine cabinet must. A pre-blended oil which can be used in many different ways to help soothe blemished skin. Dab directly onto skin at first sign of a blemish.
  • Soothing
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Does not dry out skin

Being desperate for my big acne at my chin, I bought it! And I was amazed how my acne breakouts in my chin improved for just 1 week of using it.

 Above photo is a crop of my picture taken last week with 1 “fresh” acne and 1 small acne
Photo below is taken today with healed acne and now working on the scars and dark spots. At least that one big acne didn’t left one big hole in my chin and just dark spots which is easier to treat.

The Verdict:

I love how amazing this product works on me. And I just hope after treating my acne, it will improve those dark spots left. I do apply this every night before I sleep and during weekend mornings wherein I have no classes and I just stay at home without anything on my face. By the way, it stings upon application and lasts for 1-2 minutes. I love that it dries up fast too and even if it’s said to be an oil, glad it wasn’t that oily even after it dries up. I actually love that even if it’s an oil, it’s more like a “water” that is not oily and not greasy.


  1. For blemishes, apply a small amount directly onto blemishes using a clean cotton wool bud or your fingertip as preferred
  2. For bathing, add six drops into the bath once it has run, and disperse with your hand, for an aromatic and soothing soak
  3. Add to a warm foot bath, to help combat foot odour.
  4. For facial steaming or inhalation, add three or four drops to a bowl of steaming water, lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel. Inhale deeply for a few minutes
  5. For massage, warm six drops between the palms of your hands and then massage straight onto the skin, using palms and fingers to distribute them evenly over the body, applying extra pressure to work tired or tense muscles.


  1. It dries up my acne instantly
  2. I have tried this with my mosquito bite and it didn’t left any dark spot nor it became itchy
  3. Easy application
  4. It treats acne faster than any other cream, oils and etc that I have ever tried


  1. the smell is kinda medicinal and too strong in my opinion… but still tolerable.
  2. costs too much for a small bottle.

PRICE: 565php/10mL

It is available at all The Body Shop stores nationwide.

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