Struggles of Living Alone

Are you living alone? Dorm? Apartment? Or just anywhere out of your parents? If yes, then definitely you should read this and I guess you can relate to this post.

I’ve been out from my parent’s house for more than a year already, and I realized there’s both an advantage and disadvantage of living by yourself. You might consider some difficulties as disadvantages of living alone, but these might just be some struggles you need to overcome or be adjusted. I came up with a list according to my experience and is actually just for fun too!

10. You always end up talking to yourself

You can’t help but talk to yourself while cooking, watching movies, or whatever you’re doing. “That character in the movie was so dumb!”, “What do you want to eat, Kath?”, “Get up now and stop facebook-ing!”, “That show is so boooorrrinngg!”… these are just a few of my daily own thought bubbles. LOL!!! And a lot more of talking to myself.

9. You realize you can’t cook 1 cup of rice

I then realized that cooking 1 cup of rice with rice cooker isn’t a good idea at all as it always end up being overcooked. The solution? Cook 2 or 2 ½ cups and I end up eating more. Uggh!! But more often, I cook more rice that could last til my dinner.

P.S. As of December 2016, I found a solution and I’ve been cooking 1 cup or even half cup of rice!! Buy yourself a worthy rice cooker like Zojirushi Japanese Rice Cooker and it cooks yummy and fluffy rice!

8. No brother or anyone to throw the trash at night for me

Let’s be real… throwing trash is disgusting and definitely every girl wishes not to do it! In 23 years of my existence, it was just last year that I got used to throwing garbage out. My brother or anyone from my parent’s house would always do that. And yes, I always have to remember to throw it at the end of the day so I won’t have these teeny tiny garbage flies.

7. Flying roaches

ANY. FLYING. INSECTS? Get the hell out of me, please! I would never have the “skill” and strength to kill flying roaches. In the first place, why are they even made?! Geez! Even if I keep my place clean, they always find ways to enter my place through the space in my main door or just anywhere else. Always make sure you keep a multi-insect spray. I also discovered this roach gel that comes with a syringe applicator. I line all the open spaces with this gel: main door, windows, and laundry area door (this where most of the roaches from the outside enter).

6. Going out or Staying at home

Go out or STAY. Sometimes it gets too boring and you want to just go out, but you’re too lazy to get dressed whereas it’s much more comfy to stay at home in your PJs, eat chips, and watch movies. Hello there, Netflix!

5. You get a bit homesick sometimes


You miss your family and your friends. Most especially if your main squad is somewhere in the south and you’re in the north… pole. LOL! Kidding aside, you just miss your family! Especially if you have a hilarious, sweet, little munchkin nephew! Not that we’re miles apart, but the hustle and bustle of traffic in Manila (or should I say everywhere) makes me wanna just stay at home.

4. Lost keys


You don’t want to lose your key in any way. It’s as important as your wallet and phone. No keys? NO ENTRY. I lost it once and I had to call my dad to bring the spare key. Surely, I would never ever want it to happen again.

3. Paying your own bills


It’s the time of the month when you will be in line to pay for your own bills instead of a department store counter. And you just have to do it or else you’re dead with no electricity, water, and phone line.

2. Getting up and preparing your own food is one, big, real struggle


It’s always a struggle to wake up early and prepare your own food especially if you slept late because you’re stalking an online store that is on sale or you had a movie marathon. Most likely it’s a super late brunch at 2pm or 3pm. And sometimes, you have to thank easy-to-cook meals (i.e. Ramen, microwaveable meals) were invented! And when you start eating, you just can’t stop! All day “stress-eating” wherein you’re not stressed at all!
Not to mention, the struggle to get up and cook for yourself when you’re sick or on PMS or having severe dysmenorrhea!



Okay, ladies! I know you will all agree with this! Ughhh! The horror of dressing up for a day/night out or for an event and the dress you plan to wear has its zipper at the back. THIS. IS. THE. REAL. STRUGGLE! If only you could ask your neighbor to zip it up for you! LOL!

P.S. We all know that pizza will always be our best friend on call!


Can you relate to this? Let me know what you think of this post by dropping a comment down!

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