It’s 12:30 P.M. and I’m waiting for my lunch to be cooked. While waiting, I somewhat feel the urge to write. I just finished writing articles for my client, so, I thought of writing anything today. I just want to share how happy and excited I am to be engaged! Yep! I got engaged last Dec. 25 at exactly 12 midnight.


It’s not the typical engagement scene you’ll ever see. I’m laughing so hard because John can’t say a thing except saying he needs to inhale or breathe. HAHAHA! But at the end, when he kneeled, it kinda hit me that it’s real… and bam! I can’t even stop crying.

I won’t go into more details of the proposal. I just wanted to share that it was one of the most memorable events in my life… in OUR lives (since our lives are very much entwined). And that we’re heading to the most memorable day of our lives… to get married.

I occasionally wear rings, but I guess this will be my favorite ring of all. According to John, the ring or the diamond signifies him giving himself to me. It doesn’t have any other stones because just like the diamond, he wants to be the only one in my life and my main focus. Awww! 😍


Adulting, as they say, is never easy. But I guess I’ve been good for 24 years that Santa gave me the best partner I could ever wish for. He made me feel adulting is easy and exciting. He was always there to make me feel secured when I’m turning into a crazy-mad jealous-girlfriendzilla! Earlier in our relationship, we had few fights and I’ve never felt so secured in my entire life after that… knowing that I never need to compete with anyone else for his love and that I’ll come home every single day with someone who truly loves me as much as I do.


Wait, I’m not writing my vows yet. It’s purely how I feel at the moment. LOL! And I know my fiancé will be reading this, as he always reads my blog (supportive bloggerjowa! HAHA!). If you’re reading this… I love you so much! And thank you for being so understanding, patient, and FAITHFUL to a very moody but beautiful lady in this world! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Thank you for reading until the end of this crazy blog post. I need to stop now or else I might write my wedding vows in this post and my stalking-fiancé would read it. And my tummy is growling already! HAHA!


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