#JKTravels: 19 Days in 9 Cities of Japan (VIDEO)

Japan has always been a country I would love to visit ever since I was a kid. My parents have been to Japan several times, and they often talk in Nihonggo whenever they don’t want us to understand what they’re talking about.

I know a few Nihonggo phrases and have learned more when I was in college due to Foreign Language subject. I have also learned how to write and read Hiragana & Katakana —Japanese alphabet.

Fast forward to the present, last December 20, John and I went to Japan for a 19-day vacation. We planned on spending the holidays outside the Philippines with just the two of us.

Some will say that 19 days is too long already but planning out our day-to-day made me feel like 19 days is not enough to visit all the places we want to go and do all the activities we want.

We have visited 7 prefectures in all transferring from one city to another (Yep! with three large luggage and 2 small luggage). From Tokyo to Hakone, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Shiga, Hiroshima…

For now, enjoy this 2-minute teaser of our Japan tour! It’s a compilation of selected videos out of 480 videos! It may look fast with not much details because I’ll be posting separate videos of each city and separate blogs for each prefecture so I can share a more detailed itinerary for each city.

Here’s a summary of our 19 days! I’ll go into details of our itinerary in separate blogs/vlogs.

Day 1 – Arrival in Narita Airport Japan
Day 2 – Tokyo DisneySea
Day 3 – Tokyo Disneyland
Day 4 – Tokyo DisneySea & Disneyland
Day 5 – Roam around Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku
Day 6 – Hakone Day Trip + Experienced an authentic Japanese onsen
Day 7 – Fake Food Workshop in Iriya (Where Fake Food Originated)
– Ueno Zoo
Day 9 – Nagoya Dental Museum, Nagoya Sky Boat
Day 10 – Legoland Nagoya
Day 11 – Roam Around Osaka
Day 12 – Kyoto Day Tour
– Fushimi-Inari Shrine
– Japan’s Fire Ramen
Day 13 – Shiga (Hakodateyama) Ski Day
Day 14 – Tenjinbaishi Street (Japan’s longest shopping street)
Day 15 – Hiroshima Day Trip
Day 16 – Dotonbori Shopping Day
Day 17 – Cupnoodles Museum Osaka
Day 18 – Universal Studios Japan
Day 19 – Departure at Kansai Airport Japan

If you’re also travelling to Japan and transferring to several cities, I’ll make a blog of the guidelines you might want to read up! [Currently in the process of writing it!]

See you on my next blog post!


14 thoughts on “#JKTravels: 19 Days in 9 Cities of Japan (VIDEO)

  1. Wendyflor says:

    This is cool! We can only manage Tokyo Disneyland and a one day in the Imperial Gardens and surroundings in the 4 days we stayed, hahaha… I should go back!

  2. Katherine says:

    I want to visit Japan too but I haven’t done my research yet. I only know that I want to visit Kyoto. Will refer to your guides when you’ve published them!

  3. Jhelvee Cacho says:

    So much fun reading what you have on this blog regarding on your Japan travel and also the video ❤️. Sana after kong mag-aral at makapagtrabaho I could go there. One of my dream destinations.

  4. Charlyn June says:

    Oh my gee.. Japan is also a must go for me kasi I want to see how businesses do there.. Also wanna bring the kids I just hope you add details sa mga next post mo ng tips kung kasama mga kids..😊

  5. Mellanie says:

    Thanks po sa details and info sa mg tourist destination sa japan love it wish kondin mk travel someday ora makita ng daughter ko lego land and disney sea sk disneyland😘

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