Great Finds at Greenfield Weekend Market

On weekends, it’s either I’m at the clinic or stay-at-home. Why??? ‘Coz like you, I hate how insane traffic is during the weekend, and I get to do a lot of clinic stuff.

Last weekend was different. I got to hang out with my #SaanSaPH family and chill out on a Saturday night at Greenfield District’s Greenfield Weekend Market. Why didn’t I knew about this earlier??! Geez! It’s just a few minutes away from my place and so glad I was able to unwind for a night.

Oh! They have a very instagrammable photo wall too!

#TheSassyDentistPH’s top 9:

1. Kkochgage Flower Shop

The tita in me was so happy to see plants!! I thought I would only see food, but upon seeing this… my heart skipped a bit while my wallet felt sad! HAHA!

KKochgage Flower Shop

Look at those unique plant pots! It’s perfect as indoor plants… low maintenance, doesn’t need to be watered daily, and has a special treatment to prevent the growth of worms/insects. Isn’t it great!? Price ranges from Php 500 to 2,000 –depending on the size.

2. Bookmates Zone

It’s a mom & pop store with wide selection of books at a bargain price! The cheapest book I found is worth Php50.00. Again, the tita in me was so happy!

3. Retro Finds

Forgot the name of this stall but it has great retro finds for collectors of old Philippine coins, Vinyl Records, Polaroid, and a lot more.

4. The Blissful Story Creamery

Want some guilt-free ice cream? You should definitely try out The Blissful Story’s Home-made Carabao Ice Cream in different flavours! Go double as you’ll surely want to have some more. Note that Carabao Milk is high in calcium and protein with lesser cholesterol compared to other milk.

5. Shuma Gorath Takoyaki

If there’s something I could eat everyday in Japan… it’s Takoyaki! I wouldn’t miss trying Shuma Gorath’s Takoyaki at Greenfield Weekend Market. It has a generous size of octopus bits in each takoyaki! It’s a very tasty takoyaki for a very affordable price of Php85/6pcs.

6. Mango Float Supreme Manila

Philippine mango is unbeatable and sweeter than mangoes from any country! What more if it will be served cold with pearls, ice cream, and other toppings! Their drinks are totally refreshing!

7. Ramen Bar

Although they don’t offer Ramen at their Greenfield Weekend Market stall, you can try their grilled ramen toppings. Cheese balls are a must try ––it’s like a squid ball with melted cheese inside!

8. Pojos Belgian Fries

Pojos Belgian Fries serves authentic Belgian Fries with a lot of dipping sauce to choose from. Surely, you can’t resist their thick Belgian fries! Take note that their serving is huge and will really make you full!

9. Tipsy Cream

What’s the best way to cap off the night? End it with an ice cream that will make you tipsy! Tipsy Cream Manila offers ice cream with loads of booze. Try my favorite Hot Chocolate Brandy which is sweet while feeling a little burn in your throat.

I will surely be back at Greenfield Weekend Market. It’s an all-in-one stop for food, books, drinks, home decor, and good music! It’s a perfect place to hang out with family, friends, and colleagues.

Greenfield District Central Park, Mandaluyong
Every Saturday 4:00pm-12:00mn

See you there!

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