Accommodation: Highland Bali Villas Resort & Spa, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

I can feel my excitement as I start to write about this amazing place and share it with everyone. Expect a non-bias blog because we weren’t paid nor this was an x-deal!

It was our second, our last, night on a resort where we felt dissatisfied. So we looked for another resort to spend another night. Upon searching, we found out a resort called “Bali of the North”, called and booked on their last room available for the next day.

This is the view that welcomed us –their Bali-inspired reception. It’s the Highland Bali Villas Resort & Spa at Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines!

I haven’t been to Bali, but I kinda remember our Maldives trip… the interiors from ceiling to floor is exceptional! I also need to emphasize how incredibly hospitable their staff were. Unbelievable! It feels like I’m a foreigner in my own country. (Let’s face it, staff of some resorts are hospitable to foreigners but not much on Filipinos.)

We were welcomed with refreshing drinks and cold towels –perfect after a long sunny drive going to their place.

After a speedy check-in process, we were driven going to our villa with this Golf Caddy ––again, reminds me of Maldives.

Our Room – Super Executive Suite room
#JKExperience: 4.5 out of 5 ★

We booked in one of their Super Executive Suite Room Villa with one king-sized bed, a couch, Nespresso maker, refrigerator, mini bar, and a private bathroom.

Room is spotless and well-lit. Beds were extremely comfortable. We asked for 2 extra beds since we paid for 2 additional persons, and we were so satisfied that they provide foldable beds with comfy mattresses ––not just mattresses placed on the floor.

The bathroom is stylish with its instagrammable bathtub. Lol.

The only drawback we had is low water pressure ––especially at the time before we checkout. Since we did water activities early morning, it was so hard to take a bath due to low water pressure before check-out time. It’s understandable because the owner told us that there’s no water supply in their area… they have to fill water tanks from the dam going to the resort. They just have to improve this part. 🙂

The Food / Restaurant
#JKExperience: 4 out of 5 ★

The food selection at their main restaurant, Soraya, is a mix of Southeast Asian (mostly Thai and Filipino) Cuisine. You can order food and eat at the tables located beside the pool bar or at your own villa porch.

We had our dinner at Soraya Restaurant. These are the food we ordered: Tom Yum Soup, Crab & Corn Soup, Crispy Pork, Bagoong Rice, Crispy Tilapia, Yakimeshi Fried Rice, and Green Chicken Curry. Crispy tilapia looks small in the picture but it was huge and very tasty! Our favorite is their Bagoong Rice ––even requested for additional bagoong.

The following day, we had our buffet breakfast at Soraya restaurant. I really love how Highland Bali Resort up their game in presenting things as stylish as they can be. Their breakfast selection is overwhelming which consists of egg station (wherein you can ask customized omelette), bread station, fried rice, corned beef, spam, fried bangus, korean sweet wings, cereals, fruits & salad bar, and drinks station.

And lastly, we had our lunch after checking out. Ahh! I don’t want this routine to end. Eat-Sleep-Swim-Repeat! Haha!

I honestly forgot the names of the food we ordered. But here are the photos of the food we had for our last meal on this paradise. We really loved the Bagoong Rice but we hope they add more bagoong on it. You should also try this Tender Beef dish we had ––it’s very savory!

#JKExperience: 4.5 out of 5 ★

Their amenities is actually close to perfection––in our opinion. They have two pools, Villa pool and Infinity Pool. Plus, they have an outdoor jacuzzi just beside the pool bar!

Villa Pool at night

They have a live band performing from 8pm-10pm. It’s a perfect chill time while swimming at the villa pool or jacuzzi. You can also view the performance while having drinks at your villa porch.

Infinity Pool located beside the Soraya Restaurant

Our stay has a complimentary rental of Balsa and Kayak. A van drove us from the pool bar down to the Pantabangan River where the water activities are located. Other activities offered are JetSki rental, Bandwagon, Banana Boat, and Bandwagon Ride.

#JKExperience: 4.5 out of 5 ★

Is the place worth the price? In our opinion, YES and we will definitely come back. For a resort located in a province (well, on top of the mountain), this place is outstanding. Suites are elegantly furnished with intricate wood carvings ––with extreme attention to detail!

Premium Deluxe Room – Php 8,500/night* (good for 4pax + 2 kids)
Executive Suite Room – Php 11,500/night* (good for 4pax + 2 kids)
Family Suite Room – Php 17,500/night* (good for 6pax + 2 kids)
Super Executive Suite Room – Php 13,000/night* (good for 4pax + 2 kids)
*Rates are for 2 adults only. Additional Php2,500/person

Overall, we really love our stay in Highland Bali Resort! We wanted to extend our stay, but they’re fully booked for the next 3 days since it’s holidays.

Oh! And one more thing… they have their own CONVENIENCE STORE inside the resort for your junk food cravings, sunblock lotion, and whatever you need during your stay. No need to drive out of the resort. 🙂

Overall #JKExperience: 4 out of 5 ★

Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa
Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

***This post is not in any way sponsored or paid.

See you on my next getaway blog post! 

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  3. kaliasem Avatar

    Nice place

  4. Mari Mikhaela Javier Avatar

    I read about this one through a friend’s post and we are planning to visit here soon as well. This make me want to visit it really soon!

  5. Fully Housewifed! (@fullyhousewifed) Avatar

    Wow, ang mura ha! At ang ganda! I would love to take the kids here. I wonder how we’ll get there if by public transport.

  6. She Guinto Avatar

    The place is so posh and it’s near lang. Plus with good amenities i think wala ka na need hanapin pa.

  7. blair villanueva Avatar
    blair villanueva

    Fancy place which I like! Saving your blog for our next fancy adventure 😀

  8. Christian Foremost Avatar
    Christian Foremost

    Thanks for the detailed and unbiased review of the place. It’s very luxurious and has everything that can just make you feel like a queeeeen. Hope i can check it out when i get myself to baaaliii.

  9. Travel with Karla Avatar

    The bath tub, the jacuzzi, and the pool, I’m sold! I need to go there too! It looks like you really had a great time with your family.

  10. restdayadventures Avatar

    This place looks so cozy and relaxing. It makes me want to go for a relaxing getaway right now. Plus the food looks so delicious, too!

  11. jayresa03 Avatar

    The place looks so beautiful. It’s a bit pricey for us though. I’m always on the lookout for affordable yet good quality hotels or resorts. But would want to visit this when time (and money) permitted.

  12. Wendyflor Avatar

    So, this is just in Pantbanagan, Nueva Ecija, hahaha… I alwasy wonder where is this Highland Bali. I alwasy spend the Christmas holidays in Cabanatuan so this is a great getaway!

  13. Glaiza Binayas Avatar

    Reading this makes me want to stay there as well 😍😍 so beautiful!! I can imagine taking a looong bath in that bath tub. The food looks delicious too

    Glaiza |

  14. Jayne Avatar

    I can’t believe how beautiful the place is. It is so fancy and amazing, the view is breathtaking!

  15. Dea Mariano Avatar

    Very nice place! Will consider this next time. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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