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  • New St. Ives Daily Cleanser and Moisturizers

    New St. Ives Daily Cleanser and Moisturizers

    Hey, Glow-getter! Have you heard that St. Ives had officially released new products today? Four daily cleansers and three moisturizers to be exact…

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  • #JustSaidYes!


    It’s 12:30 P.M. and I’m waiting for my lunch to be cooked. While waiting, I somewhat feel the urge to write. I just finished writing articles for my client, so, I thought of writing anything today. I just want to share how happy and excited I am to be engaged! Yep! I got engaged last…

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  • Busy June & July

    Busy June & July

    Hi there! I haven’t posted a blog for a while because I’ve been busy with a lot of things since June. So, today the classes were suspended due to bad weather and I’ve decided to write a blog before doing my job. Anyhoo, here are the things that keep my mind running all day long……

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  • #PerksofaBella: Trendsetter’s Bazaar Experience!

    #PerksofaBella: Trendsetter’s Bazaar Experience!

    I’ve been wanting to go to Trendsetter’s bazaar last March 3-5, but something came up and wasn’t able to go. So, I really make it a point to attend the Apr 7-9 bazaar. Although I almost didn’t make it again, I finally made it on their last day! Thanks to my #PerksofaBella for my Trendsetter’s…

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