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  • Healthy Smile, Healthy You: Goros Expert 9000 and Aqua Smart

    Healthy Smile, Healthy You: Goros Expert 9000 and Aqua Smart

    A healthy smile is not only an indicator of good oral hygiene, but it can also have a significant impact on your overall well-being. Poor oral health has been linked to various health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize dental care as part of your overall health…

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  • Beaver Shampoo and Conditioner

    Beaver Shampoo and Conditioner

    Late last year, I’ve been experiencing severe dandruff due to most of the time, I’m staying indoors with air-conditioning. And when I excessively moisturise my hair, it worsens my dandruff problem.

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  • Product Review: Mink PH Products

    Product Review: Mink PH Products

    Have you heard of products formulated specifically for your intimate areas? You might be wondering why a certain product works well in your knees but not in your intimate area. That’s because our intimate areas have specific needs regarding pH levels and ingredients needed, and that’s what Mink PH is all about! Mink was created…

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  • Product Review: SisterAnn Beauty Brand

    Product Review: SisterAnn Beauty Brand

    Trying out new products has become easier with Shopee PH. We can buy any item from overseas and receive it in 1-2 weeks! I came across SisterAnn brand on Instagram and was so surprised to know they ship to the Philippines through Shopee PH. Who is SisterAnn? SisterAnn is a beauty brand from Japan and…

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  • Product Review: LANA PH

    Product Review: LANA PH

    Anyone who knows me personally knows how I’m addicted to anything skincare related and handmade soaps. That is why I was so excited to try on LANA PH Products. Who is Lana PH? Lana products are locally made in the Philippines that are all-natural, non-comedogenic, cruelty-free skincare products. We aim to take care of you…

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  • New Normal with Stud & Sassy Salon

    New Normal with Stud & Sassy Salon

    There’s nothing like new hair to make you feel confident & beautiful! 💁🏼‍♀️✨ Since the pandemic started I was so afraid to go out and most of all go to public places like a salon. Whenever I shoot a Tiktok video, I feel conscious that my hair looked like a wig –half was dark brown/black…

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  • Systane Eye Drops

    Systane Eye Drops

    Few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to join a Zoom e-vent about dry eyes in partnership with Systane.  As I’ve said in my previous b/vlogs, I had my Lasik surgery last December which made my eyes feel dry more often than ever. Most especially since March when I started working as a full-time Digital…

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  • Diwatang Maria Soaps

    Diwatang Maria Soaps

    If you know me so well, you know that I’m addicted to handmade soaps and scented candles –which I love buying whenever I visit a new country! When Diwatang Maria messaged me to try their soaps, I actually felt excited because I haven’t really tried any locally handmade soaps from the Philippines. I know right!?…

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  • Sultana Biscuits: Raisin a Healthier You

    Sultana Biscuits: Raisin a Healthier You

    These past few days have been rough with COVID-19 situation going on –and it still is. So, I decided to start raisin a healthier me while I work at home by switching from unhealthy chips to healthy snacks.

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  • New St. Ives Daily Cleanser and Moisturizers

    New St. Ives Daily Cleanser and Moisturizers

    Hey, Glow-getter! Have you heard that St. Ives had officially released new products today? Four daily cleansers and three moisturizers to be exact…

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