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  • Diwatang Maria Soaps

    Diwatang Maria Soaps

    If you know me so well, you know that I’m addicted to handmade soaps and scented candles –which I love buying whenever I visit a new country! When Diwatang Maria messaged me to try their soaps, I actually felt excited because I haven’t really tried any locally handmade soaps from the Philippines. I know right!?…

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  • Sultana Biscuits: Raisin a Healthier You

    Sultana Biscuits: Raisin a Healthier You

    These past few days have been rough with COVID-19 situation going on –and it still is. So, I decided to start raisin a healthier me while I work at home by switching from unhealthy chips to healthy snacks.

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  • Dentistry is an Art

    Dentistry is an Art

    I came across an article a few days ago saying that “Dentistry is an Art.” Before studying dentistry, I always thought that it would be easy and it’s just science. I thought all I have to do is drill the tooth, remove the infected/diseased part, then pack it with composite. I forgot about the part…

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  • Dentistry Case: Comprehensive Pediatric Patient

    Dentistry Case: Comprehensive Pediatric Patient

    I was so excited to start my comprehensive pediatric case this semester because I’m considering Pediatric Dentistry as my specialization. Comprehensive cases are cases wherein you have to do everything that needs to be done to one patient. December of last year (2017), I had a 7-year old female patient who complains of pain on…

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  • Accommodation: Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

    Accommodation: Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa

    I was about to write about our quick getaway going to Pangasinan and our second stay at Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa, when I remembered I haven’t even posted how we first discovered this place and our first stay. During our North road trip (sometime March 2017), we looked for a place to stay and…

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  • Busy June and July

    Busy June and July

    Hi there! I haven’t posted a blog for a while because I’ve been busy with a lot of things since June. So, today the classes were suspended due to bad weather and I’ve decided to write a blog before doing my job. Anyhoo, here are the things that keep my mind running all day long……

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  • Travel: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

    Travel: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

    Last summer, I was supposed to write about our 2016 travels but wasn’t able to start anything because my summer turned out to be full of more travels. So, today I felt the urge to write something while studying dental subjects. I’ve been reading non-stop about dentistry for the past few months due to my…

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