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  • #JustSaidYes!


    It’s 12:30 P.M. and I’m waiting for my lunch to be cooked. While waiting, I somewhat feel the urge to write. I just finished writing articles for my client, so, I thought of writing anything today. I just want to share how happy and excited I am to be engaged! Yep! I got engaged last…

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  • Accommodation: Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa

    Accommodation: Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa

    I was about to write about our quick getaway going to Pangasinan and our second stay at Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa, when I remembered I haven’t even posted how we first discovered this place and our first stay. During our North road trip (sometime March 2017), we looked for a place to stay and…

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  • Busy June & July

    Busy June & July

    Hi there! I haven’t posted a blog for a while because I’ve been busy with a lot of things since June. So, today the classes were suspended due to bad weather and I’ve decided to write a blog before doing my job. Anyhoo, here are the things that keep my mind running all day long……

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  • Travel: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

    Travel: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

    Last summer, I was supposed to write about our 2016 travels but wasn’t able to start anything because my summer turned out to be full of more travels. So, today I felt the urge to write something while studying dental subjects. I’ve been reading non-stop about dentistry for the past few months due to my…

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  • My First Ever Surgery (Dental Surgery)

    My First Ever Surgery (Dental Surgery)

    Today’s the fourth day after I had my first dental surgery. I have pending blog posts about my previous beauty boxes, but I was in pain for days already and I couldn’t think of blogging about it yet. Since this is my first ever surgery, I would want to share with everyone how it went.…

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  • Struggles of Living Alone

    Struggles of Living Alone

    Are you living alone? Dorm? Apartment? Or just anywhere out of your parent’s? If yes, then definitely you should read this and I guess you can relate with this post. I’ve been out from my parent’s house for more than a year already; and I realized there’s both an advantage and disadvantage of living by…

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  • Home away from home

    Home away from home

    I’ve been on and off into blogging since last year. Well, I kinda blog for fun and I really enjoy sharing my experiences with different products and places too. My posts were usually about beauty & skin care products, beauty boxes I got, and some leisure experiences. I’ve been thinking of sharing a bit of…

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